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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JULY 2018 51 By Lexi Tucker, LCT associate editor JULY 2018 Who: Trinity Machan, owner, Black Diamond Limousine and Stellar Rydes, Salt Lake City, Utah Building The Business: Machan started Black Diamond Limousine with everything she had; she sold her newly bought house and moved into a 26-foot trailer to limit her cost of living. Her friend built her a website and she had a lot of local help. Kirk Sherrod, her business mentor and owner of Jerks Bike Shop, taught her the best ways to advertise and bring in more clients. She also did some old fashioned knocking on doors. To get past the gatekeepers at large corporations she wanted to do business with, she also started to work a lot of fundraising events they sponsor. Wise Words: Don't grow too quickly. Watch your books closely, and make sure you're getting the volume you need be- fore you go out and get that new vehicle. Learning From Mistakes: She has learned no matter how close someone is to you, you always need to pre-autho- rize credit cards and receive payment upfront. "I allowed someone I thought was a friend to use my service and ended up $800 in the hole," she says. Deposits have to be taken no matter what so you don't lose out on runs. Satisfying Customers: e thoughts and opinions of her clients are vital to how she runs her business. "We are always growing and learning. I want feedback so I can fix what's wrong and keep doing what's right." She special- izes in customizing rides to a client's needs. "If they want a hot cup of coffee with cream and two sugars or a specific newspaper, they're going to get it." Personal Story: Machan's gender tran- sition journey started when she was six years old. She knew she was different, and discovered the term transgender at the age of 12. After telling her adoptive father, he said she no longer had a fam- ily. From that point, she hid everything about herself and pretended to be whatever she thought everyone else wanted her to be. Overcome by depression, she had feelings of abandonment, not only from her birth family who gave her up when she was a day old, but also from her adoptive family. Lost and confused, she started believing something was wrong with her. She was sent to conversion therapy programs growing up, and got married at 21 to try and find a place where she belonged. She had three children with her wife, but left home often and never wanted to be there. Continuing to struggle with her identity, she found herself sitting in a jail cell at age 26. At that time, she knew she had to tell her mother who she truly was, or she would commit suicide. After originally telling her she was gay, Machan's mother welcomed her with open arms. However, Machan still struggled with drug abuse, and eventually found herself back in prison. Determined to make a change, she reached out to AA and asked them to send her a sponsor who was long-term sober, understood and knew how to teach the AA book, and was also gay. ey did and she started to correspond with him. "He was so open. We supported each other, and he gave me the opportunity to be honest without fear of judge- ment," she says. Upon her release, he allowed her to live with him until she got back on her feet. Business Origins: Machan started driving for a variety of transportation companies and eventually landed in the luxury segment. Rising through the ranks, she helped run the company when the owner had to step away to deal with a divorce. But anger issues still haunted her. Her boss gave her the opportunity to visit a therapist, who helped her come to terms with the fact she had gender dysphoria and was transgender. Once she began her hormone treatment, her life changed. Sadly, she was laid off from the com- pany in January 2017 over the phone. She applied for positions at other companies, but they wouldn't hire her even with her ample experience. It was at this point she decided to start her own service. Downtime: Machan loves cycling. She's a part of the Trans National Women's Cycling Team, and is a board member of their community outreach team . FAST FACTS DIAMOND LIMOUSINE LOCATION: Salt Lake City, Utah OWNER: Trinity Machan FOUNDED: 2017 VEHICLE TYPE: Sedan, SUV, and stretch limousine FLEET SIZE: 3 EMPLOYEES: 1 WEBSITE: PHONE: (801) 935-5554 Trinity Machan hasn't had an easy life, but she has never let that get in the way of pursuing her calling: Making all clients feel welcome. Trinity Machan is ready to make a unique mark on the luxury transportation industry. Operator Overcomes Personal Struggles, Invites Success COOLEST BIZ

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