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INDUSTRY EDUCATION Ways To Gain Employees, Clients, And Sales Online exclusives: These summaries of three industry sessions now on can help you with recruiting new staff members, improving company culture, and winning over customers. By Lexi Tucker & Jim Luff, LCT editors I ndustry events provide so much information that LCT runs out of room in the magazine to bring them to you. at's why we've summarized some of them here and posted the full versions on our website. For complete ar- ticles on these sessions, go to and use the search tag "ILCT 2018 education" for the In- ternational LCT Show session articles and the "LAB Live" tag to find the Up- sell feature below. Upselling, Downselling, And Every- thing In Between Bill Faeth's presentation on training your salespeople to really help your ser- vices fit your clients' needs was a must- hear during Limo University's LAB Live event April 9-10 in Nashville. Here are some of the best take away points: • While your chauffeurs may be the face of your company, your CSRs are its welcoming voice. • One way to begin molding your em- ployees into the salespeople you desire is by starting with a script they can study and be tested on. • Give your staff a flexible range for rate quotes, as well as the minimum num- ber of hours. If they lack this informa- tion, quotes take longer and frustrate clients and affiliates. • If a client says yes to a sedan, offer them an upgrade to an SUV as a stan- dard practice. Not for free, but the av- erage rate in the U.S. is only about a $20 to $25 increase in price. • If you come across a price driven client, don't just give up. Have a low- er-tier option available (i.e., if they argue a Mercedes-Benz S-Class is too pricey, have a Chrysler 300 at the ready). • Telling clients you have a three-hour minimum is a bad sales approach. If you plan to charge $300, tell the cli- ent it's $300 for 90 minutes, not three hours. Get rid of your minimums. How To Find Top Talent For Your Operations Christina Davis and Chris Carroll from the LMC Group, an industry manage- ment consulting firm, presented a re- cruitment workshop at the Internation- al LCT Show on March 13 that provided valuable information for hiring new em- ployees. Here are a select few tips: • Job descriptions are a great place to share your mission statement so applicants gain a sense of your busi- ness expectations. • Include the qualities you are look- ing for, schedule information, special knowledge requirements, and other traits you prefer. • Write it to invite those with disabili- ties, specifying what work situations you can and cannot accommodate. is includes actions such as standing for long periods, lifting, walking, hear- ing, speaking, and vision. • Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster,, Craigslist, and various social media platforms are great places to run the ad for the job. Authentically Happy Employees Cre- ate Unforgettable Experiences Shereen Eltobgy, lead "coachsultant" and happiness orchestrator for Delivering Happiness, explained the importance of running a company that values its em- ployees' well-being at the Show. Here's a rundown of what you may have missed: • I f anyone in your company — your chauffeurs, back office staff, and/or the person on the phone — can make the customer feel a connection for just a moment, they will come back because we as humans crave connectedness. • A fair salary is a large factor in get- ting employees to stay, but a sense of progress and control — the feeling you know where you're headed — is es- sential to retaining them as well. Tak- ing an interest in them individually doesn't hurt, either. • Creating relationships with your em- ployees helps reduce stress and burn- out, which leads to more engagement and profits. • It's hard, if not impossible, to create a great customer experience if your staff is not being treated well or feeling mis- erable. ey'll fake being pleasant with the client…and people can tell. • Know or get clear on your values as an individual or company and communi- cate them to your employees. 5 0 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JULY 2018 PHOTO CREDIT: BLAKE RUSSELL Bill Faeth speaks to an audience of operators at a LAB Live event in Nashville.

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