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July 2018

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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JULY 2018 47 W here Craftsmanship Counts ™ a Cabot Coach Builders Company 120" Corporate - 99 Newark Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 • ph. 978.374.4530 or 800.544.5587 • fx. 978.521.5425 S aleS & ServiCe CenterS: Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Nevada • © 2014 Cabot Coach Builders, Inc. Why not learn more about the Royale MKT 120" limousines. Call us today, toll free and speak with a Product Specialist. 1.800.544.5587 email: "We're in a time when doing the right thing for the custom- er is also the best economic choice for your business. If you help educate people, which in turn helps them make an edu- cated decision, they may not become a client immediately, but they may sometime down the road." — can't let others distract you on your path to running a suc- cessful company. Do one thing at a time, and do it well. As a marketer and salesperson for your company, your job is to help people make decisions. Provide potential clients with the tools they need to help them see why your company is the best fit for them. Mallikarjunan told a final story about how he decided on what engagement ring to buy for his fianceé. "I went to a web- site and downloaded this ebook called 'e Guy's Guide to Jewelry' which helped me make a decision, and got me to buy," he said. Sam Mallikarjunan of HubSpot provided a wakeup call for operators who may have forgotten the importance of fitting their services to people's needs. "Unless you're fundamentally doing something not worth doing, if you're not trying to put yourself out of business, someone else is. You can't just buy your industry's Uber — you have to be your industry's Uber."

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