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2017 LCT LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: HR/TRAINING The demands of running a 24/7 business can take a toll on the mind and body. Billy The Coach advises operators on how to stay healthy in the chaos of ground transportation. By Jim A. Luff, LCT contributing editor B efore you can lead with any success, let alone be around long enough to do it right, you need a healthy body and mind. While that's some old common sense, the need for it should be obvious given the stress levels and bad habits all around. Balancing good health with a successful business is a passion for Billy Sheehan, "e Coach," an executive health strategist who has helped corporate leaders for 25 years lower stress and raise productivity levels by changing how they live. As the first presenter of the LCT Summit, Sheehan set the foundation for solid leader- ship principles. He stressed if you take care of yourself mentally and physically, you'll per- form better in a leadership role. Does It Really Matter? A Northwestern University study Sheehan cited found a dramatic increase in "functional capacity" among those living a healthier life- style. Most people in the chauffeured trans- portation industry focus more on taking care of their businesses than themselves. Sheehan advises the reverse: If you take care of yourself first, you will be better at handling your business. Healthier people work at higher levels of creativity, confidence, stamina, level- headedness, and collaboration. ink about how these attributes determine your success. Making Choices e average person faces a barrage of choic- es each day. As a business owner, the decisions and choices you make will affect your clients, employees, family, business, and yourself. "ese choices include what you will eat next, when you will go to sleep, what promotion you might implement next, and even what you will think about next," Sheehan said. He referred to humans as "choice- making" machines. Managing your choices serves as a navigation system for personal and profes- sional lives, and determines physical and mental fitness levels. By applying his principles, Shee- han promises higher levels of "healthy living, mental perfor- mance, imagination, and in- novation." He spoke about choosing in 1990 to work as a personal trainer. He never dreamed he would become a public speaker sharing his knowledge of how physical fitness ties into "pretty much everything in your life," includ- ing mental state and behavior. "I can assure you when I was wearing my gym shorts and trying to figure out how many people would pay me $40 an hour as their personal trainer back in the 1990s, I had abso- lutely no idea I would ever be flown down to Miami as a speaker and be standing up here in front of you," Sheehan said. Seeing The Big Picture Before you can make good choices, you need a vision, Sheehan said. How do you see yourself in the mirror? How do you see the dawn of a new day? Most importantly, how do you see this day? What will you do with this day? As you read this article, think of today and what you will do with the rest of it. How can you make this day special and remember it as a unique accom- plishment? By taking a moment to visual- ize you, your life, and this day, you can cre- ate a mental vision board of what you can accomplish and feel proud of today. Timing Of Choices You will never get a second chance to make a choice. Sheehan pointed out we live in the moment. "Your life is playing out now, in the moment. And everything that ever will happen to you will happen in the moment," he said. He asked, "Can you make a choice in the past?" He answered the rhetorical question with, "e past is gone. It's untouchable, it's irre- trievable." You might be inclined to say – "yes." But the fact is you cannot. You can only plan 4 4 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR JULY 2017 Balancing Life, Work, & Health

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