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December 2016

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44 LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR DECEMBER 2016 WWW.LCTMAG.COM It all adds up. Experience + Knowledge = Professional Consulting Resources, Inc. email: website: phone: 786-229-3662 Ron Sorci, Founder and CEO ACCOUNTING All accounting and bookkeeping functions. Outsource to save major dollars. SALES & MARKETING Develop and implement affi liate programs, outside sales support, conduct client surveys and more. OPERATIONS Fleet utilization, customer service, background checks. CONSULTING Develop and review business plans and all contracts. Mentor Program. INSURANCE Monitor and review all claims fi led on your behalf. Proven subrogation results. HUMAN RESOURCES Compliance, employee recognition program, health insurance options, human resources functions, interview process including telephone prescreening, problem resolution, employee training MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Assist in the buying & selling of companies, evaluating businesses and negotiations of potential purchases or sales Forming focus groups for all size companies // Call or email for more information All functions above are priced to fi t all budgets OPERATIONS Visit your corporate travel managers and administrative assistants to let them know you provide full service in their markets. Stress the simpler billing and sin- gle-contact service. Take it a step further with the use of travel booking tools to ease the transaction even more. Just know you want to grow, and then nurture these local relationships. Soon, they will be call- ing you to handle a meeting in Florida or San Francisco while someone else does that actual driving, waiting, and paying for the fuel. It's a recipe for success. Farm Operations This all sounds so easy. It can be, but be sure to consider all the operational as- pects of farming. Your goal is to profit by satisfying a client's fundamental travel most-oft cited reason for attending the International LCT Shows in Vegas is net- working. Not just for friendships or good deals, but for business. If you are walk- ing away from a show without expanded contacts in your clients' destination cit- ies, you are leaving bushels of money in someone else's basket. Ask for the Business Know where your clients travel. You've been booking their flights to Norfolk or Boise for years. Find the operators there, and ask if they would like your business (they will say yes). Get the paperwork and insurance covered, and start asking your clients on every ride if you can ar- range for a pick-up to their hotel from the Boise airport. helps pay for the cost of the vehicle and operational overhead. If you have ex- cess capacity in idle cars or chauffeurs, expand locally and start covering costs of service delivery. Certainly, chauffeurs will be happy to work no matter whom they represent. There is a symbiosis here that helps both operators grow in healthy ways. Out-of-Market Farming Imagine if someone else did your work, and you got paid for it. That describes the farm-out business. Growing your net- work outside of your market takes effort and commitment, but it can be lucrative. Short of expanding into markets through acquisition, cultivating partners in other markets is an economical way to grow volume, reputation, and business rela- tionships. It's a smart move when you can get your cut on every ride in another town with little to no costs. How do you know the players? You must be present — not physically in every city, of course, but be visible and develop the relationships through on- line presence, occasional in-person vis- its, and attendance at major shows. The Giving a ride away to your local, organic market operator is actually the more profitable thing to do sometimes, depending on the ride and availability of vehicles and chauffeurs.

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