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March 2016

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LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR MARCH 2016 61 WAYNE, N.J. — Like many ground t r a n s p o r t a t i o n company owners, Raj Grewal strug- gled to adjust to some of the newer technology that was supposed to help him work more effciently. While he was using good soft- ware, it brought challenges. Even- tually, he would solve this prob- lem with NetQuall T e c h n o l o g i e s , the company he owned in India. He built an easy to understand system he thought would not only help him manage his ground transportation business, but also others who wished to stay relevant in the ever- changing transportation industry. Limo Alliance was born. Offcially launched in January 2016, the limo reservation and dispatching software aims to change the way new technology is viewed in the industry. The customiz- able system allows users to work from ei- ther an Android or Apple mobile device or desktop operating system. "Everyone does everything differ- ently," says Lenore D'Anzieri, chief strat- egy offcer. So it makes sense to adapt the app to a company's various needs and wants. From minor customizations like web page color or different fonts to features like SMS messaging and ac- counting tools, Limo Alliance wants to streamline workfow management. The company sells the white-label app di- rectly to clients, and the company pro- vides support 24/7. Limo Alliance creates a "back offce" environment, enabling clients to perform daily business functions. The end-to-end solution includes features such as a dis- patch and billing system, which helps users boost business productivity. "Limo Alliance is able to accommodate every- body and manage these processes from start to fnish," D'Anzieri says. Modernization An issue often brought up is the indus- try's need to keep up with the times. "Software needs to be more modern- ized and up to date with the way travel- ers are looking to book," D'Anzieri says. "Ground transportation industry clients are looking for companies that are a cut- above, who employ and search for the newest technologies." This is why Limo Alliance offers a book- ing portal for travelers and agents. Once a ride is scheduled through the reservation system online, it can be tracked through the mobile app and on the portal. This tracking will give travelers and arrangers peace of mind and cut down on calls that might otherwise tie up phone lines. There's no doubt that mobile technol- In an age where keeping up with technology means sink-or-swim, Limo Alliance supports an advanced way of doing business. Limo Alliance Propels Ground Transportation Into The Future By Lexi Tucker, LCT assistant editor FASTFACTS LIMO ALLIANCE LOCATION: Wayne, N.J. FOUNDED: 2015 SERVICE: limousine reservation and manage- ment software OWNER: Raj Grewal EMPLOYEES: 110 WEBSITE: CONTACT: (855) 707-1010 ogy has caused a ruckus in the industry. When it comes to adapting, transporta- tion companies don't have a choice. In fact, D'Anzieri believes that if they don't change, they will keep losing business to TNCs. Teamwork Over Competition One of the strongest attributes of Limo Alliance is its global affliate network, which helps companies farm-in and farm-out worldwide. Choosing an affli- ate is up to the user, who can control the visibility of any affliate at any time. It's this spirit of "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" that actually helped in the development of Limo Alliance. When it frst launched an early development prototype last year, the company drew helpful responses. "We found that those who had the opportunity to look at the system and sit down with it decided this technology was so impressive they felt the need to contribute to its develop- ment," D'Anzieri says. The company has many industry infu- encers and leaders — not just in the U.S. — who have used the system and can recommend how to improve and refne it. "This is a technology that was built by the industry, for the industry," D'Anzieri says. By acting like companions instead of competitors, members of the transpor- tation industry will be able to use Limo Alliance to their advantage. "We've seen this technological evolu- tion before, so we know the damage it can cause," D'Anzieri says. "However, we also know how successful innovators, forward thinkers, and modernizers, who are not afraid to adopt new thought pro- cesses, can be." VENDOR MARKETPLACE I MARCH 2016 Lenore D'Anzieri, chief strategy offcer for Limo Alliance. The white-label app allows companies to stay organized and streamline workfow management.

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