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March 2016

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2 LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR MARCH 2016 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR (ISSN 1097-4814) (USPS 734-790) is published monthly by Bobit Business Media, 3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, California 90503-1640. Periodicals postage paid at Torrance, California 90503-9998 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR, P.O. Box 1068 Skokie, IL 60076-8068. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for address changes to take effect. Subscription Prices - United States $28 per year; Canada $38 per year; Foreign $50 per year. Single copy - $5; Back Issues - $10; Fact Book - $40. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive your first issue. Bobit Business Media reserves the right to refuse non-qualified subscriptions. Please address Editorial and Advertising correspondence to the Executive Offices at 3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, California 90503-1640. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced either in whole or in part without consent of Bobit Business Media. All statements made, although based on information believed to be reliable and accurate, cannot be guaranteed and no fault or liability can be accepted for error or omission. For your Information: We sometimes make our subscriber information (i.e. fax, e-mail or mailing address) available to carefully screened organizations whose products and services may be of interest to you. If you prefer not to have your information made available, please write LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR, P.O. Box 1068 Skokie, IL 60076-8068. Member of: Printed in USA A Bobit Business Media Publication 6 LCT Connected 12 Publisher's Page 16 LimoScene 56 Small Fleet Business 58 Smooth Operations 59 Industry Associations 60 Association Calendar 61 Vendor Marketplace 62 Prof t Driven 63 NLA News & Views 67 Farm In/Farm Out 77 Dealer Showroom 83 Ad Index 84 Editor's Edge Cover Story: The Grech Motors cast, Show Issue Season 3. COVER PHOTO: Lyle Okihara, 54. Learn why chauffeurs provide more valuable data than any app. F E A T U R E S C O V E R F E AT U R E : V E H I C L E M A N U FA C T U R I N G 22 Grech Motors Roarin' With Style, Class & Quality The luxury bus builder has earned a solid reputation since it started in 2012. It has gained industry market share with innovative bus designs and strong client relations inspired by legendary founder and CEO, Ed Grech. A F F I L I AT E S / N E T W O R K I N G 26 Aff liate Matchmaking Enters New Era off cially launches at the International LCT Show, taking aff liate connecting to a deeper level with mutual verif cation and affordable prices. I N D U S T R Y P R O F I L E / C H A R T E R & T O U R 30 Wynne Shows The Motorcoach Way For the last seven years, one of Dallas' top limousine companies f ipped its f eet mix to grow a motorcoach division that strives to keep up with demand. C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E 36 How To Stimulate Better Service Being attentive to client needs, whims and preferences can make clients go "wow, wow, wow" over and over again. V E H I C L E R E V I E W 38 BMW Puts Sedan On The Top Shelf The BMW 750i xDrive long wheelbase sedan ups the ante in chauffeured amenities by providing operators an option that distinguishes luxury limousine service from the ride-hailing rabble. F I N A N C E 44 Cut It Out! Three experienced operators show the best ways to reduce operational costs that enhance prof ts while keeping service standards high. M A N A G E M E N T & L E A D E R S H I P : A F F I L I AT E S 48 How To Work With Big Networks Keeping two-way aff liate streets, no matter the sizes of f eets involved, can maximize your global reach and streamline farm-out bookings. H R / T R A I N I N G 54 Driving Lots Of Data Chauffeurs can be a valuable source of revenue-generating information while boosting your company's social media presence. LCT Contents 03.16 D E P A R T M E N T S Look for These Industry Faces Inside This Issue 36. How did an operator benef t from a client's pillow talk?

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