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24 LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR MARCH 2016 WWW.LCTMAG.COM COVER FEATURE: VEHICLE MANUFACTURING with members of the industry, it was at a recent trade show that the team learned operators wanted the minibus to hold 23 passengers. "The GM28 shuttle bus prototype was originally built to hold 21 passengers in the rear plus driver and copilot, along with plenty of rear luggage," Thurber says. "This flled the gap be- tween our Sprinter and our GM33 F-550, and while many op- erators were happy with this, there were a lot who asked if we could add two more rear passengers." Not one to avoid a challenge, the Grech Motors R&D team set forth to fgure out how to add two more seats while keeping the bus within federal GVWR standards for safety and performance reasons. The result is a revamped GM28 E-450 that can hold up to 23 rear passengers as a shuttle and 20 passengers as a limo. The GM28 went into production in January and will be arriving in feets by the time of this article's publication. More Than a Quality Product Grech Motors believes success in the transportation industry comes from creating an unforgettable VIP experience for travelers. There are two parts to this; the frst is the level of service opera- tors provide to their clients. The second is the quality of vehicles that passengers ride in. Travelers want to know they're getting into a vehicle that's safe, luxurious and equipped with the latest entertainment and productivity features. This is where Grech Motors shines. The coachbuilder emphasizes high-quality engineering, innovative design, and unmatched after-sale support to provide operators with the equipment to confdently pursue the lucrative group travel market. "When an operator invests in a Grech Motors product, they know they're not just getting the highest quality, most luxurious vehicle, they're also getting the best warranty support in the in- dustry," Thurber says. "We go above and beyond to make sure all of our customers are happy." Above: Grech Motors has increased its corporate headquarters in Riverside, Calif. by 15,000 sq.ft. to open a new showroom where operators can interact with the coachbuilder's different models. Right: Grech Motors' new GM28 E-450 seats up to 23 passengers with rear luggage as a shuttle, and up to 20 passengers as a limo bus. It went into production in January 2016 to fll the gap between the Sprinter and GM33 F-550 models. Pictured are the Grech Elite seats with optional armrests and the panoramic front viewing window on a Freightliner model.

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