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4 WWW.LCTMAG.COM "BEST OF" COMMENTS SAMPLER @ LCT ONLINE VIDEO PICK OF THE MONTH: Be sure to visit, LCT blogs, LCT Facebook and LCT LinkedIn to post your comments and feedback on any of the content items. LCT will publish the best comments in each issue on this page. To watch the video of Reliance Worldwide's affliate manager commercial, scan the QR code below or type in Reliance Worldwide Promotes Whiteboard Animation Commercial TOP FACEBOOK COMMENTS: LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR APRIL 2015 The London-based international chauffeured car provider has produced an informative commercial illustrating its effcient affliate network and top-notch "duty of care" service. Joining the latest trend in whiteboard video commercials, Reliance Worldwide released an affliate manager how-to guide that details how limo operators could part- ner with Reliance for international affliate work. The video is simple and straightfor- ward, with a timely release just before the International LCT Show in March. Video is becoming a more popular way for brands to transmit messages to their mar- kets. The limo industry has been using video to advertise its services and outline specifc contrasts between TNCs and traditional chauffeured car. The whiteboard animations are typically set to light music with entertaining visual guides for the viewer to digest simple and straightforward concepts. The video from Reliance Worldwide is targeted at affliate managers of limo companies. It begins with an introduction of a hypothetical affli- ate manager, and addresses the problems and challenges of the position. For Reza Choudhury, CEO of Reliance Worldwide, a regular attendee at LCT trade shows, garnering affliate work is a big part of his business. By creating a message that directly hits his target audience (affliate managers), he educates them on why his company is the right choice for such work. In the video, Reliance Worldwide talks about its commitment to "duty of care" and how it makes sure its service is held to the best standards. It has high insur- ance coverage and trains all chauffeurs. The message cuts right to what affliate managers seek in a partner. By delivering it through social media, Choudhury spreads the message to his target audience. LCT CONNECT I APRIL 2015 See LCT on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest 6 LCT's favorite retweets and @mentions Florida Limo Operator Battles Minimum Fare Rule [02/13/2015] What's wrong with a minimum for 'car service'? Ours by choice with gratuity is 2x his 'required' minimum and we have no such regulation and some of our so called competitors have a higher amount minimum than we do. Our problem IS the ones that charge lower than what is needed to survive in this economy, which has still not recovered to what it was from about four years ago. Come to think of it, doesn't a taxi have a minimum at the fag drop? Or a minimum per mile or minute? You get what you pay for in the car service business. — 'Car Service' not a 'Taxi' Canadian Province Overhauls Party Bus, Stretch Rules [02/26/2015] Beautiful British Columbia where the government always knows what is best for the people — more laws and regulations, more government red tape and bureaucracy. We are known not to turn out in large numbers to vote here. As a result, we get politicians who don't know the frst thing about trade and commerce except to regulate and tax it. Speak up people. This is your livelihood, your future. — Brian Libin Wanted: Most Royal Chauffeur In The World [02/20/2015] Drive a bunch of royal stiffs for what looks like slave labor wages? No thanks. — bob226 LCT Connect is compiled by LCT senior editor Tim Crowley. You can alert him to your social media comments or send links to favorite limo-related videos at TWEET, TWEET Superior Limousines Thrives On Humble Business Values [02/11/2015] Wow, great to see some focus on a small operator. It seems like so much ink is used on larger companies but the backbone of luxury ground transportation is still the one to fve car, family owned operations. Good luck and best wishes. — Steve Mair DlxChicagoLimo : @donbrownbus yikes! Do you guys have a covered garage? Can't wait to reconnect in sunny, warm Vegas for . @LCTMag ! CBLuxeConcierge : A4 @LCTMag Honestly the articles and the information that other operators share is invaluable #limochat dashride : We're featured in this month's @LCTMag ! CarmelChicago : Kinda impressed by Equus a @Hyundai at @ChiAutoShow !?! Great features & price for the limo industry. V8 too @LCTMag Uber Teams Up With Starwood In Loyalty Pact [2/25/15] Uber has lost its "cool" factor already. Its lack of control over quality and training as well as lack of fair compensation for their "partners" will hurt them in the long run. — Andrew Armitage Mercedes-Benz Pullman Starts at $566,000 [2/23/15] Hoping to test drive one at the #LCTShow haha. — Brent Shapiro Uber Chicago Coming Out With Panic Button [2/13/15] Why need a panic button? — Elizabeth Rose Virginia Governor Signs Law Regulating TNCs [2/18/15] The real problem Uber has proven over and over again is that they will not keep their commitments that are made in these legislative deals. It gets the lawmakers off their backs and Uber knows no one will be watching to see if they really do all this stuff. — Randy Allen The new affliate commercial from Reliance Worldwide uses a simple white board animation to showcase the company's quality performance for international farm-in and farm-out work.

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