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April 2015

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LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR APRIL 2015 39 Leasing is Bright TITUS LEASING COMPANY - THE BRIGHT CHOICE Partner with Titus Leasing Company and experience the brightest ideas when it comes to leasing. Call us today to find out how we can help you improve your bottom line. 800-227-3965 I bus and they're thrilled, and then I ask them how much are they making with it the rest of the week?" If it's just sitting there the rest of the week, they're paying the loan, insurance and drivers who are not working. He advises operators to think about vehicle usage to see how much money the vehicle generates monthly. "I look at a vehicle report every month and it tells me how much each vehicle is making. If it's not making X number of dollars over three or four months, I'll get rid of it. Of course, you have to know that maybe the vehicle was in an accident or is being serviced to make a decision." Eurler also advises smaller operators to pay close attention to their fnancials to grow and succeed. "You have to close- ly manage your fnances and pay your bills on time, which a lot of operators don't do. But guess what? When you go out to buy a car, you're not getting that 3% to 4% interest rate. You're getting 10% to 12% because you are a slow pay. If you don't have good credit in this busi- ness, you're out of business." — GOING THE EXTRA, EXTRA MILE Elegant Limousine & Charter goes the extra mile to provide service and an overall "cus- tomer experience," says Andrew Perez, com- pany vice president business operations. For example, the company pays attention to the details, and then some. For example, the company maintains client notes and will assign chauffeurs and drivers based on a rating system and their personality traits. "If a driver is a talker, we may put him on a bus tour rather than a sedan run, and we have a rating system (1 to 4) where we can assign to clients based on their expecta- tions and needs. A "4" driver for example is the highest rating and can handle any sensitive situation. We don't just assign a warm body to drive a car. The company also forbids drivers to use cologne because clients may be allergic to perfumes. The company also takes pride in respond- ing to problems. "We are experts in reaction," Perez says. "If a driver calls a dispatcher and is having a problem with the vehicle, a timer goes off and we respond within 19 minutes to switch vehicles." Given the company runs 200 trips daily 99% trouble-free, someone will respond to the client within 12 hours of an incident to resolve the problem. "We're not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but we strive to be a smoother, efficient company and make sure all goes right," Perez says.

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