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LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR APRIL 2015 33 EQUUS IN THE FIELD: "WHAT KIND OF CAR IS THIS?" Operators with Equuses in the fleet report solid performance and posi- tive client feedback. As the Equus enters chauffeured fleets, two operators have gone on-record to say they like the vehicle and plan to add more in the future. Harry Dhillon, CEO of Ecko Transportation in San Jose, Calif., says the Equus delivers more luxury amenities than many more expensive premium sedans. "It's a great vehicle," he says. "It's basically a generic version of the Mercedes S-550. In the backseat, it has reclining that makes a huge difference with our clients, and when they sit in the vehicle they usually say, 'Wow this is great.'" Randy Allen, CEO of James Limousine in Richmond, Va., has four Equus sedans in the fleet. He says the cars are holding up well under heavy use. "Our oldest Equus in the fleet has over 100,000 miles, and it is still driving great and we haven't had significant main- tenance issues," he says. Allen says the vehicle repairs are more expen- sive than typical sedans, but that for the price and luxury, it provides a great value. Both operators remove the Hyundai emblem from the rear trunk. When clients first get in the car, they are typi- cally surprised at the comfort and qual- ity, and ask "what kind of car is this?" Allen says chauffeurs love driving the car and that he plans to add more Equuses to his fleet as replacement for his aging Lincoln Town Car sedans. Harry Dhillon Randy Allan 1. The Equus cockpit has wood-trim paneling, leather upholstery, and dash confguration similar to other high-end sedans. 2. The priority in backseat comfort is shown by the driver- accessible passenger seat controls, making it easy for the chauffeur to move the seat up to maximize rear-seat legroom. 3. The backseat has a wide door to make for easy entry and exit. 4. The illumiscent gauge cluster behind the wheel can show fuel effciency, direction, music selection, and lane-change warning alerts. 5. The lumbar seats feature three separate controls to maximize reclining comfort. 6. The rear-center console lets clients control every aspect of the sound system, as well as the AC and heat for the backseat. 7. The back seat provides 38.8 inches of legroom. 8. The trunk has 16.7 cu. ft. of space, enough to easily ft two sets of luggage with carry on, or two sets of golf clubs. 1 2 5 8 7 6 3 4

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