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LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR APRIL 2015 25 heirloom. There is something to ft every padrino's budget to accommodate the Latino wedding participation. High Proft Jobs Because Latino's tend to stay close to home, the jobs are confned to small geographic areas. The church, reception and photo locations are typically within the neighborhood of the family home. This results in low mileage, fewer en- gine hours and minimal passenger time. Often, transportation from the home to the church is less than a 10-minute ride reducing the urge to pop open one of your bottles of water or complimentary sodas on the way. Upon your arrival at the church, Mass is about one hour and sometimes slightly longer. Your vehicle will sit quietly in the shade earning an hour of pay. The biggest expense is liable to be post-quinceanera or wedding when both like to culminate cruising through town honking the horn to say, "Look at us, look at us!" The biggest downfall to these jobs is the extensive clean-up involving glitter from make-up, hairspray and dresses that is diffcult to vacuum. How To Connect Connecting with the Latino consumer market is easier than you think. Because they tend to shop at places that cater to Latinos within their neighborhoods, you need to be there. If your town has a Hispanic or Latino Chamber of Com- merce, you should consider joining for the guidance and networking opportu- nities. If your community doesn't have an ethnic-based chamber, conduct an Internet search for quinceanera plan- ners or dress shops in your area as a start. The owners of these shops may allow you to display brochures or busi- ness cards for referrals. Also, churches that conduct weddings and quincean- eras have coordinators who assist fami- lies with their planning and may help you connect, says Mary Camacho, facili- ties coordinator of St. Mary's Church in Bakersfeld, Calif. Bridal stores that spe- cialize in serving the Latino market will also specialize in quinceaneras and may be able to help you connect as well. It would be very wise to have someone within your organization who speaks fuent Spanish to plan arrangements, discuss prices, and haggle without losing anything in translation. — a young woman before dancing a frst dance with her father. Typically, transpor- tation for these events demands multiple lim- ousines or high-occu- pancy vehicles such as stretched Hummers or Escalades. Party buses have become all the rage for quinceaneras as they have transitioned into the industry in the past decade. If you are quot- ing two eight-passenger limousines, a black and a white are preferred with the young ladies riding in white and the young men in black until after the church service. Then, the damas and chambelanes come out of the church as couples, and will ride in either black or white stretches. Immediately following the church ceremony, photos are usually taken in front of the church or at other locations around the community similar to weddings. After the photos session, the group may elect to cruise the streets for a while as their guests transition between the church and the recep- tion venue. About Latino Weddings Much the same as quinceaneras, Latino weddings have spe- cial rites and customs that also use the padrino and madrina sponsorship culture to produce the wedding or "La Boda" as they are referred to in Spanish. It would be very rare for a Latino bride and groom to pay for their own limousine in a traditional Boda. In fact, it would be up to padrinos to select and pay for the vehicle based upon the bride's specifcations. Similarly, a madrina would shop for and present the wedding cake on the day of the wedding. The "Padrinos de Velacion" are a couple who will join the young couple at the altar to serve as offcial witnesses and commit to counseling and mentoring the newlyweds. Other padrinos will provide kneeling pil- lows, a frst family Bible, and "Arras" or wedding coins — 13 to be exact, which the bridegroom will deposit into the hands of his new wife symbolizing his com- mitment to her care and her acceptance indicating her trust and confdence in her groom. The coins are presented in a gold box or tray that will become a family THE BIGGEST EXPENSE IS LIABLE TO BE POST-QUINCEANERA OR WEDDING WHEN BOTH LIKE TO CULMINATE CRUISING THROUGH TOWN HONKING THE HORN TO SAY, "LOOK AT US, LOOK AT US!" Top Five States With Latinos 1. New Mexico .. 47% 2. California/Texas each .......... 38.2% 3. Arizona ...... 30.2% 4. Nevada ....... 27.3% 5. Florida ........ 23.2% Source: U.S. Census Bureau Lowest Latino Populated States 1. West Virginia .1.3% 2. Maine ............1.4% 3. Vermont ........1.6% 4. N. Dakota ..... 2.5% 5. Mississippi ... 2.9% Source: U.S. Census Bureau Top Limo Vehicles For Latino Retail Clients The following chauffeured vehicle types are most popular for Latino weddings and quinceaneras, listed in no particular order: • Super-stretched Hummer limousines • Super-stretched Cadillac Escalade limousines • Super-stretched Ford Excursion limousines • Traditional sedan stretch limousines 8-10 passengers • Limo/party buses Quinceaneras lavish girls with limousines. f u e n t S p a n d i s c w t — l d e p o s i t i n t o t h e s c o m - e n a m i l y ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM / GEMABLANTON

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