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4 WWW.LCTMAG.COM "BEST OF" COMMENTS SAMPLER @ LCT ONLINE VIDEO PICK OF THE MONTH: Be sure to visit, LCT blogs, LCT Facebook and LCT LinkedIn to post your comments and feedback on any of the content items. LCT will publish the best comments in each issue on this page. To watch the video of Cardel Global's marketing efforts to the global, high-end chauffeured trans- portation market, scan the QR code below, or type in Cardel Global Projects Global Professionalism In New Marketing Video TOP FACEBOOK COMMENTS: LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR MARCH 2015 The Paris-based, international supplier of chauffeured car has come out with a new video that highlights its ability to deliver quality service in more than 1,765 cities worldwide. Brand image is a priority for operators, and the type of clientele you service should respond favorably to your marketing efforts. Video marketing has become more popular in the limo industry, with more distribution channels such as social media bringing the message to a wider audience. As production costs have become more competitive, many operators are using the format to deliver quick mes- sages to their clients about their services. Karim Maachi, CEO of Cardel Global, likes to stay innovative with his marketing efforts, and created a similar video three years ago. The new updated video plays well to his cli- entele, who are mostly banking companies in his local European market and farm-in clients from operators around the globe sending customers to France. The imagery in the video shows cutting edge corporate offce spaces, with digital spreadsheets and charts, and a digital clock ticking to ambient music. The high- paced scenes resemble the executive hustle and bustle of the fnance industry, and captions relay bullet point highlights of Cardel's service. Portraying professional- ism through all aspects of company brand- ing tells clients that the company never overlooks service details and performs with consistent quality. Maachi hopes to continue the branding of Cardel Global in similar fashion, with an emphasis on ac- curacy, precision and communication. LCT CONNECT I MARCH 2015 See LCT on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest 6 LCT's favorite retweets and @mentions $23.52/Hr? Do Uber Drivers Really Earn More Than Chauffeurs? [01/23/2015] Is lying and deceiving a viable business strategy? Was Al Capone truly an innocent businessman? Seems like if we let this criminal Uber fy, then restoring Al Capone's name is just a matter of time. European Union courts have already ruled Uber a criminal enterprise. It's only the U.S. mass media that hasn't seemed to get the memo. — Mike Large Limo Services Find Ways To Compete With TNCs [01/30/2015] Good article. It's refreshing to see a proactive approach and efforts implemented to weather the storm. I think Uber will eventually plateau in its lane. There needs to be a better effort of highlighting the real earning potential of Uber drivers. They are misled, as all claims of driver income is based off gross and not net. Gross income is great to Uber as they take commission from the gross fare of each ride. — Smooth954 Vehicles That Will Please Chauffeured Clients In 2015 [01/16/2015] You forgot to mention the Chrysler 300. If Chrysler gets enough requests from prior Town Car "L" sedan owners, maybe we can get them to make an in-house "L" version for us (and stretch the trunk space too, please, thank you.) Chrysler could own the livery market. — K LCT Connect is compiled by LCT senior editor Tim Crowley. You can alert him to your social media comments or send links to favorite limo-related videos at TWEET, TWEET Uber Sorry For Throwing Gay Couple Out Of Car In London [01/08/2015] This driver is clueless. He is providing a service. Professional transportation companies know that the gay community is one of the most desirable to have. They are one of the highest demographics in disposable income, and at the end of the trip, they truly appreciate good service. It is drivers like him that only make our professional services look better. — Tony DlxChicagoLimo: We can't wait to see everyone in #Vegas for the . @LCTMag 'don't stop believin' #limochat Networkfeet: Tracking #limo vehicles. On @LCTMag see how operators are creating a "smart feet." ChiTownPartyBus: @LCTMag #lct2015 Just bought my tickets!!! #Vegas #Limousine RMAAlexander21: Some light reading RT 2014 Was Annus Horribilis For Uber Performance… via @LCTMag #limo Why Volkswagen's Luxury Sedan Flopped [1/26]15] A lot of European operators ran these as clients liked the fact it was low key yet luxurious. — Myles Flood Next Gen Cadillac Sedan To Get Lighter Materials, Better Tech [1/26/15] AWESOME LOOKING, but looks like not much head room in the rear? — Val Newton $23.52/Hr? Do Uber Drivers Really Earn More Than Chauffeurs? [1/23/15] No they do not make more than limousine drivers. They have to pay for things not advertised. — Michael Bmd Lay Are You Still Adding Fuel Surcharges? [1/14/15] I've been in business 10 years, and have NEVER, EVER charged a surcharge. Now, with the fuel prices lower, my rates are the same as they were when gas was $3.99 per gallon. Clients can't complain and I don't feel like I'm taking advantage. — Michael Limo Ferrara 1. The style of the video resembles a James Bond-type spy movie, with a closing graphic simi- lar to the iconic James Bond bullet intro. 2. The timing of the new video coincides with Cardel's expansion into new markets across the globe. It recently opened a new offce in New York City. Maachi says the precision of the video invokes the exactness required by international banking companies. 1 2

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