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March 2015

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LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR MARCH 2015 49 Leasing is Bright TITUS LEASING COMPANY - THE BRIGHT CHOICE Partner with Titus Leasing Company and experience the brightest ideas when it comes to leasing. Call us today to find out how we can help you improve your bottom line. 800-227-3965 I the setting up of the Olympics-dedicated satellite offce.) Of course, forget everything I just said should the IOC announce in Peru in two years that limo companies in Rome, Ber- lin or Budapest shall inherit the head- aches (and fnancial windfall) of moving many people around a major city. But today, as a limousine operation based in Boston, we hope and pray that Boston will host the world in 2024, and that the world will fll our backseats. If the politicians do their jobs and prepare the highways and byways, and we do our job with vehicles and trained chauffeurs at the ready, then all will go smooth. Driving in and out of the city during the Summer Games in Boston won't have to be its own Olympic sport. gravation?" And the answer is really quite simple, "Absolutely!" The week we worked the Ryder Cup in Boston we grossed $1 million in rev- enue. If the Olympics are the equivalent of the MLB World Series, by comparison the Ryder Cup is the Little League World Series, so do the math. "The biggest im- pact on our company was that we saw an increase in our revenue," Sanghera says. Grewal adds, "Financially it was a huge success and the global exposure we re- ceived helped us gain future clients." Customer Priorities It all sounds like a win-win scenario, but a word of caution before you decide to dive into the Olympic ground transporta- tion pool. Don't sacrifce clients you have nurtured over the years for 10 days of f- nancial glory. Their world may not stop just because the Olympics have arrived and they may still need your services. If they can't get their usual cars because you've earmarked them for tourists from England and Spain, you may discover that the tourists won't be the only ones leav- ing you after the games. Allow enough ve- hicles to accommodate everyone (hence we had two drivers per vehicle, to accommodate the long hours on each vehicle," Sanghera says. "We were predominantly providing our Lincoln and Cadillac sedans, Lincoln Navigator SUVs, Mercedes-Benz Springer Vans, and our mini-coach. We also added on many more sedans and SUVs to our feet to ac- commodate the Olympic rush. We did add six extra chauffeurs for the duration of the Olympics to accommodate the long hours our vehicles were running. We had all our extra vehicles ordered three months before the Olympics, and had all our paperwork and necessary documen- tation provided at the three month mark." Tara Grewal, Managing Partner of Griffn Transportation in Vancouver, agrees preparation is key. "The majority of our feet was being used during the Olympics up to 12 hours a day, and we took on 15 extra drivers." This being said, with the expense of taking on extra vehicles and chauffeurs, setting up satellite offces, diving into a permitting process that often moves at a glacial speed and numerous late night committee meetings, it's easy for some- one to ask, "Is it really worth all the ag- JOHN M. GREENE is a 30-year veteran of the limousine business and President / CEO of ETS International in Randolph, Mass. ETS International has an affliate network of more than 350 limousine companies nationwide. The company was chosen in 2010 and 2014 as a LCT Operator of the Year Award winner. John Greene can be reached at (617) 804-4801 and w e h a d t w t o a c c

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