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46 LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR MARCH 2015 WWW.LCTMAG.COM OPERATIONS If the city is chosen as the host of the 2024 Olympics, then operators will get more business than a political convention, Super Bowl and Ryder Cup combined. By John M. Greene shippers scheduled all truck deliveries for nighttime." Vollmer said collectively those small reductions enabled freeway motorists to "go from about 10 mph to free-fow at 65 or 70." One clue may come from Boston host- ing the Democratic National Convention in 2004. "There were a lot of people pre- dicting gridlock and mayhem, and we didn't see that," says Tom Tinlin, who co- chaired the transportation committee for the DNC. "What you do is provide infor- mation to people so they can better plan their day. Those same strategies would work even better today, now that peo- ple have social media, traffc apps and smartphones. The ability to work around large-scale events is easier now probably than ever before, but not as easy as it's going to be in 2024." Finally, if there is any doubt the city is taking its road preparation seriously, Richard A. Davey, the former state trans- January 2017, Peru: A press conference in a hotel lobby attended by members of the International Olympic Committee and members of the worldwide media. "And the city chosen by the IOC to host the 2024 Summer Olympics is Boston!" Watching on a TV in his Randolph, Mass., offce, Johnny Greene, head of ETS International, leans back in his chair, lets out a deep breath and says to himself, "Now, it begins." Getting Ready For Boston's Global Ground Game ILLUSTRATION: ISTOCK.COM/ ©LONELY__ C H 2 0 1 5 A R T E R & T T hose might not be my "exact" words upon hearing the news if Boston were selected, but the intent will be there. Because, if Boston gets to host the 2024 Summer Games, the global event will disrupt and reconfgure the city, for better or worse. Picture hundreds of thousands of spectators and athletes funneling into a city known to have traf- fc jams at 10 p.m., traveling in on just three main highways connecting the out- side world to the Hub. The U.S. Olympic Committee chose Boston on Jan. 8 as the American bid city over Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. In September 2017, the International Olympic Committee will choose the host of the 2024 Games among Boston and three other fnalists. The deadline for Boston to submit its for- mal bid is September. But the city frst has to work out a number of signifcant de- tails, as well as reconcile opposing camps on whether the city should host the event. The U.S. has not held the Summer Olym- pics since the Atlanta Games in 1996. Carmegeddon? Already the doomsayers are hard at work anticipating "Carmageddon" if the vote goes Boston's way. Their com- ments are based on a worst-case scenario for Boston in 2015, and not seeing the big picture as it might be played out in 2024. A spokesperson for the Boston 2024 Olympic group said, "Transit and logistics for the entire period of the Games will be carefully orchestrated and planned in advance. Spectators are encouraged to ride public transit or walk and discouraged to travel by car or taxi. The result is a coordinated ef- fort in which Olympic and Paralympic athletes and spectators as well as local residents are made aware of the most time-effcient means of getting from point A to point B, accounting for the movement of all people across the city's many modes of transportation." If that sounds too canned and optimis- tic, consider Los Angeles when it hosted the Olympics in 1984, a city known for its maddening pretzel-like highways and impatient drivers. Ted Vollmer, who was then a metro reporter for The Los Angeles Times, remembers, "You could fy down the 405 like it was an empty country road. City offcials encouraged carpool- ing and bus-riding. They made two-way streets into one-way speedways. Em- ployers gave workers fex hours. And

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