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44 LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR MARCH 2015 WWW.LCTMAG.COM A FREE SUBSCRIPTION is the Best Addition to Your Toolbox Increase Revenue While Cutting Costs Each issue of LCT Magazine provides operators with 100+ actionable items to increase business by covering: New Vehicles / Business Travel / Management & Leadership Surveys & Trends / Charter & Tour / Finance & Operations Insurance & Safety / Customer Service / Marketing & Sales Available in print and digital formats. AM07-0066.14 CUSTOMER SERVICE overheard a client express an affnity for Diet Coke during a ride, so during the downtime, he purchased the chilled bev- erages to put in the back. "When the cli- ent came back she was thrilled, and little things like that can showcase your level how mortifed she may have been had she come back to fnd her chauffeur in the middle of eating. It just isn't professional." That doesn't mean chauffeurs can't pick up on little details and cues during a trip, Dean says. For example, he once lebrity homeowner quickly invited Dean to sit down for dinner. "He says he makes the best spaghetti in the world and that I just have to sit down and join them," Dean says. "Well, my client was in the other room at the time, and I can just imagine Mona Marandy of MonaLisa Limousine ad- vises operators new to celebrity-type clientele to anticipate challenging requests. "A lot of these clients will assume you're more than just a limo operator, and that you have the connections at this hotel or restaurant, so be ready to have a little black book of resources to keep your clients happy," she says. THE CELEB-SELFIE APPEAL If you're going to ask, be professional, polite and quick. Maria Priestly, owner of Empress Elite Limo in Kennesaw, Ga., says picture-taking is not something she endorses for chauffeurs, but that for smaller operators in smaller markets, there can be instances when a celeb client who is not a frequent patron can be accommodating for a photo. On one occasion Priestly was driving a client who just happened to be her favorite rapper, and she felt comfortable enough to ask for a quick photo after the ride. "I'm comfortable with all my chauffeurs. I let them know if they'll be driving a VIP celebrity to remember things like do not speak unless spoken to, and that our primary focus at all times is to make sure the client is happy and never feels uncomfortable during the service," she says. Priestly says a professional, classy photo with a celebrity who's agreed to be photographed can be used ef- fectively for marketing to local clients through social media. s i o n P r i t l y w a s d r i v i n t o Pitbull and Maria Priestly of Empress Elite Limousine.

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