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6 WWW.LCTMAG.COM "BEST OF" COMMENTS SAMPLER @ LCT ONLINE VIDEO PICK OF THE MONTH: Be sure to visit, LCT Blog, LCT Facebook and LCT LinkedIn to post your comments and feedback on any of the content items. LCT will publish the best comments in each issue on this page. MAKING A JAGUAR STRETCH LIMOUSINE To watch the video of Wilcox Limousines stretching the Jaguar XJ, scan the QR code below, or type in Wilcox Limousines Shows How To Make A Jaguar Stretch TOP FACEBOOK COMMENTS: LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR FEBRUARY 2014 The UK-based coach builder has a series of videos showcasing its high-tech manu- facturing process and facility. Stretching a luxury sedan is no easy feat. As the vehicles go through the elongation process, structural integrity becomes the new responsibility of the modif er, and every- thing must be done with precision and accu- racy to ensure a top-quality and safe ride. The coach builders at Wilcox Limousine have taken to video to show just how detailed and thorough their procedures are when making custom limousines and hearses. The highlight is a video showing how they take a stripped down Jaguar XJ donor from the manufacturer and turn it into a beautiful six-door extra-long luxury sedan. The company has the video series on its website,, and a chan- nel on Youtube, coxLimousines. It has an informative inter- view with CEO Paul Wilcox about the different types of vehicles it offers and what makes them stand out, as well as videos showing how the Jaguar Hearse is constructed. The videos are pretty simple, with classical music and captioning to identify each step of the conversion process. The presentation underscores the company's brand in producing high-quality and classy vehicles, and the interview with Paul Wilcox refers to a partnership with Jaguar, indicating the manufacturer approves of the work. LCT CONNECT I FEBRUARY 2014 See LCT on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest 6 LCT's favorite retweets and @mentions Tristar Worldwide Installs Camera Recorders On Vehicles [12/4/13] Insurance fraud is a signif cant issue that is not only forcing operators to pay more in insurance rates for their cars. It is also a huge liability that could cripple your business if you are a victim of a scam. Installing these cameras is a great proactive way to protect your drivers and your company. — Gem Limousine L.A. Customer Gets A Big Gouge From Grabby Uber [12/17/13] Who cares — Limo Guy YOU — If you really know what is happening — ForHireVehicles Yea, I know what's happening. Big money is winning and the crybabies that have helped Big Money win are now crying that Big Money is taking more of their money than they want to pay. That's the way it goes and that's the way it will be. They'll be sobbing more when their Uber bucks run out and there's no other alternative for their transportation needs, because Uber (Big Money) will have killed them all off. Then Big Money really will have them crying. Only a matter of time until Uber puts Taxis, Uber Black drivers and Limo companies out of business by bringing on any moron with a car and license to charge the lowest rates possible. With that, killing all competition because no one can compete with Big Money. That's when Big Money will become GIGANTIC MONEY by raising their prices so much their consumers will have no choice but to pay or walk. So again... who cares. — Limo Guy LCT Connect is compiled by LCT senior editor Tim Crowley. You can alert him to your social media comments or send links to favorite limo-related videos at TWEET, TWEET Limo Parking Passes For Super Bowl XLVIII Are $200 And Up [12/12/13] Based on those surcharges, I shall decline all requests for tour buses to the Meadowlands. Just to review: you show up with your bus, and you are not permitted to drop and leave, so the bus cannot go do something else while the game is going on. Then, you and your bus are obliged — no choice here — to go park in a designated lot. And then you have to pay them $350 for holding your bus hostage! Time to boycott the Meadow- lands. It has gotten quite out of hand. — Jan van Eck limopr: I second that!! We just added another one to our f eet!! Customer love it! RT@LCTMag U.K. Mag Names Audi A8 L Chauffeur Car Of The Year Jake52929: @LCTMag as an owner of a small limo company in NH none of those cars are in my sights. Volvo X/C60 and Toyota Avalon. Less $$ better by far RT @ LCTMag Acton/SoCal Penske Primed For Big Vehicle Moves SignatureLivery: Interesting stuff from @LCTMag! How Were The Big Airports Built? OPSCallCenter: Great News! We'll be attending the @LCTMag #LCTShow in Las Vegas -- Can't wait to meet everyone, learn a lot, & make some new friends! #limo California Operation Grows From Retail To Corporate [12/7/13] Good move...retail to bring in the cash f ow, corporate/contract to keep a bread and butter workload. — John A.L. Campbell Daimler AG Invests in Chauffeur Startup Blacklane [12/20/13] Love hearing success stories ! Keep it up Blacklane! — Ben Zaharie Mercedes-Benz Plans To Boost S-Class Sedan Production [12/31/13] One wonders why Chrysler won't build a livery version of the 300 and its Lancia stable mate. — Douglas S. Berry Wilcox Limousines takes you through the process of turning a Jaguar XJ into a custom six-door stretch. Another video shows how the company makes its Jaguar Hearse. L I M O _ 0 2 1 4 c o n n e c t e d . i n d d 6 LIMO_0214connected.indd 6 1 / 2 1 / 1 4 1 1 : 3 4 A M 1/21/14 11:34 AM

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