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66 LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR FEBRUARY 2014 WWW.LCTMAG.COM DALLAS — YOU MAY HAVE HEARD OF IT, but just in case, Limo Anywhere is a com- plete reservation and f eet management system based online so you and your clients can access it — anywhere. It ca- ters to small- and mid-size operations, and has over 3,200 limo operations in 39 countries using its services. "I started the company back in 2004," CEO Max Paltsev says. "I had been in the IT f eld for a few years prior to that, and done work for some limo companies mainly on website design." Paltsev gained experience building custom applications for operators, such as online reservation systems and back off ce features like in- voicing and sales reports. After building up a number of these features, Paltsev soon found he had created a complete limo operating management system that had sales appeal. He started selling it as, offering a package of reservations, dispatch, and accounting services all online so operators did not have to install the software on their off ce computers. As the business grew, Paltsev used feedback to improve his product. "What you see today is essentially nine years of hard work, and we have been very responsive to customer ideas." Now, Limo Anywhere is one of the top choices for web-based limo soft- ware. Its all-inclusive packaging makes it an ideal f t for many operators. "First and foremost, you benef t by being able to access your reservation system from anywhere," Paltsev says. "Secondly, with Limo Anywhere being web-based, there is no need to spend thousands of dol- lars on storing and protecting your data on your own servers. And thirdly, you can expand your farm-in business by becoming a part of the world's largest aff liate network." The f agship platform for the company has grown to include services such as integrated sales reports, invoice options, processing payments and more, while also allowing clients to book online and get real time quotes and payment history. The company launched a mobile app product for chauffeurs and operators about two years ago called DriverAnywhere that has been a success. The free chauffeur communication tool for the Limo Any- where platform streamlines and automates many of the manual tasks operators face daily. With DriverAnywhere, chauffeurs can update reservation statuses during the ride, with messages such as "on loca- Headed by Max Paltsev, the company has expanded its mobile products and services for a new wave of 21st Century clients. Limo Anywhere Let's You Manage Operations At All Times, In All Places By Tim Crowley, LCT senior editor FASTFACTS LIMO ANYWHERE CATEGORY: Reservations and account manage- ment software LOCATION: Dallas, Texas FOUNDED: 2004 OWNER: Max Paltsev WESBITE: CONTACT: (888) 888-0302 tion" or "customer in car." Chauffeurs also can process payments and get electronic signatures from clients, and easily log their trip-related expenses. "The system sends reminders to clients about their reservations, and shows them info about the car that is coming," Paltsev says. "And it can send aff liates the f nal request for charges and invoices. There is a lot of automation in the app." In late 2011, Limo Anywhere teamed up with GroundLink to capitalize on pre- arranged and on-demand bookings for business travelers. "GrouldLink doesn't own a single car," says Paltsev, explaining the partnership. "They generate bookings and then outsource them to a network of aff liates. And GroundLink's aff liate net- work consists exclusively of Limo Any- where customers." The move allows GroundLink to elec- tronically farm-out jobs to aff liates and track the status and location of the ve- hicle in real time using Limo Anywhere's web and mobile technology. Paltsev says the partnership has been a boon for the small- to mid-size operator base he has cultivated, and he listens to his custom- ers to make sure his products match their needs. "If you want to know a thousand ways to run a business, talk to operators" Palt- sev says. "They have their own ways of how to charge, what rates to charge, what not to charge, etc., so what we do is adopt our software to their needs. It's what has made us successful. . . that we're f exible and malleable." Paltsev also publishes a weekly news release about software changes, such as a simple bug f x or the launch of a set of new features. "We tend not to do bulk releases," he says. "Rather, we piecemeal it out." Once a new feature is developed, tested and ready, it is announced. — IN FOCUS I FEBRUARY 2014 LEFT: Limo Anywhere's latest DriverAnywhere mobile app works with the main software to al- low chauffeurs a number of in-car options such as processing credit cards and giving ride status to clients and dispatch. ABOVE: Operators can access an abundant training resource at, to learn the details of how to set up and custom- ize pages like dispatch (shown here), billing, reservations, and more. LIMO_0214infocus.indd 66 LIMO_0214infocus.indd 66 1/21/14 12:15 PM 1/21/14 12:15 PM

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