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LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR FEBRUARY 2014 55 We Deliver the Tools You Need. Increase Revenue While Cutting Costs Each issue of LCT Magazine provides operators with 100+ actionable items to increase business by covering: New Vehicles / Business Travel / Management & Leadership Surveys & Trends / Charter & Tour / Finance & Operations Insurance & Safety / Customer Service / Marketing & Sales Available in print and digital formats. of business. Using the aff liate business model as an example of the type of coop- eration and cohesion the industry is capa- ble of, McCrae said one of the best things operators can do is include features in their mobile applications that allow mul- tiple preferred vendors to be displayed via a single app, similar to the corporate desktop app experience. He also advises that limo operators seek out technol- ogy partners who understand the unique needs of the ground transportation busi- ness to help them make the right choices regarding mobile app development. After a spirited Q&A session with audi- ence members discussing back and forth how the industry could move forward, Harris noted that in the survey 58% of re- spondents believe that an industry wide solution is required to help keep Uber and similar apps from taking over corpo- rate travel. The industry discussion will continue at the International LCT Show in Las Ve- gas, Feb. 16-18. Be sure to check out the seminar schedule and enroll in the next session on mobile technology at www. Ñ RideCharge/Taxi and Sedan Magic, said that users prefer a transportation app that meets all of their needs, and they don't want to use different apps for dif- ferent providers. Looking To The Future The apps for limo operators must meet the corporate requirements of travel man- agers and business travelers for reporting and accountability, McCrae suggests. And they should support on-demand book- ings and provide estimated fares before purchase. Showing vehicles on the map so that clients can track their rides is also a key feature to have. Sedan Magic has made strides recently with its on-demand service, and McCrae had some advice for how the industry could move forward into this new world "Mobile apps today are similar to websites in the 90s," he said. "It is an extension of your company brand and enhances the customer experience." Op- erators can retain customers more easily and increase their loyalty by having an app that allows for mobile booking, and if possible, on-demand service. As Harris stated, from the corporate perspective the value of an operation is in its accountability and reporting, which just isn't as thorough among mobile on- demand providers. The reasons travel managers gave for wanting to offer mobile on-demand options include: the ability of employees to benef t from faster service and last minute bookings (67%), and the ability of customers to get instant conf r- mations on rides that are en-route (50%). Chris McRae, the senior director at More than 3,000 apps are available for on-demand car service all over the world, and mobile apps are beginning to target more specif c consumer segments. L I M O _ 0 2 1 4 m o b i l e . i n d d 5 5 LIMO_0214mobile.indd 55 1 / 2 1 / 1 4 1 1 : 5 7 A M 1/21/14 11:57 AM

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