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February 2014

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50 LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR FEBRUARY 2014 WWW.LCTMAG.COM TECHNOLOGY New Limo App Maximizes Geo- Location Technology S edan provider Carmel Car and Limo of New York City invests in a mobile demand app with many innovative features. By Tim Crowley, LCT senior editor I n the race for providing better ef- f ciencies in ground transportation mobile apps, providers are rolling out new aspects and features that are getting results. Both in high-pro- f le retail apps such as Uber, and in professional market tech providers such as DeemGround and Sedan Magic, the companies are taking customer feedback into account at quick rates and evolving their software. One of the latest apps to hit the mar- ket is Carmel Limo App, available for iOS and Android. CEO Avik Kabessa makes a point to say that his mobile app ful- ly complies with state laws. The largest complaint against many of the retail apps is that they have been skirting outdated transportation laws, most commonly in regards to the nature of the "pre-book- ing" that happens through real-time, geo- locating software. The Carmel Limo App functions like Uber in that it uses real-time geo-locat- ing, but the app also uses the same geo- location for entering destinations. That prompts a pre-determined fare for the different available vehicles in the area, creating a complete pre-book. Carmel Limo partners with trusted limousine operations in locations na- tionwide and worldwide to provide vetted chauffeurs available to take runs requested through the app. "They all have to be fully licensed, otherwise we don't deal with them," says Kabessa of his aff liates. "Then we start vetting, and after we agree on them becoming Carmel aff li- ated. We give them our software and up- load the drivers' information into the sys- tem, and that's how we start. We do a lot of ghost rides initially. And then monitor them on a weekly basis." Chauffeurs download the app and load their information into the system. When a chauffeur is dispatched, every- one is updated through the system, so the partnering operator is notif ed on every run. "We do not bypass the lo- cal company," Kabassa says. "We work with them." The Next Generation The app itself has a number of unique features for a private transportation mo- bile app. It shows the types of available vehicles through picture, giving you the option to choose among them. Uber and most other rideshare apps automatically select whichever vehicle is closest avail- able, and don't provide many options for vehicle choice. Another unique feature of the app is the geo-location function that can be pr of as D co m in to thei O ket and a po ly c co m is t h tr an re ga in g" lo ca T Ub e ing, lo ca pr om diff e cr ea all h don aff li we a at ed lo ad te m, of g th em PHOTO/ILLUSTRATION: KEVIN HAEGELE, LCT ART DIRECTOR L I M O _ 0 2 1 4 _ c a r m e l A p p . i n d d 5 0 LIMO_0214_carmelApp.indd 50 1 / 2 1 / 1 4 1 1 : 2 3 A M 1/21/14 11:23 AM

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