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January 2014

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second seat is dealing in issues and incidents. We buy our dispatchers dinner when they are able to prevent an incident or identify a potential problem." Filling the Night Slot Getting coverage for the graveyard shift can be a challenge. These dispatchers are often the only ones working for you during that time slot. They must be able to fll multiple roles while still handling their dispatch responsibilities. "In a lot of companies the night dispatch has no clue what they are talking about," Ironi says. "This is the worst possible thing a company can do. Night dispatch should be the best dispatcher you have because he often operates on his own. He needs to know every aspect of the company. He needs to be able to deal with the international farm outs on the overnight. In other industries, the graveyard shift is where you put your castaways. With our industry, the most experienced person should be the one you put in the overnight shift. They can close trips, understand the credit holds, and communicate with global affliates. Overnight dispatch needs to be the sharpest tool in the shed. No owner wants that 1 a.m. call." Greene puts the people who have been with his company the longest in their overnight shift. "They need to be completely entrusted. They should be crosstrained in all aspects of the business." For Bacher, the overnight shift is more than just dispatching. "He handles overnight events, often managing manifests. We have extended our shifts so that they tighten up and overlap the overnight shift. Never put your least experienced person in the overnight dispatch position. If your overnight people do a great job, it is a great refection on you and your company. Feedback about the overnight dispatch is crucial." Knowing When to Let One Go No owner wants to be at the mercy of employees. In the dispatch role, proper staffng is crucial to your success but flling that position is always challenging. "You don't want to be put in a position that you are afraid to fre someone," Ironi says. Bacher adds, "You never want employees to feel that they have the control. It is important to cross train if only to cover yourself short term should you need to let someone go. If you can afford to hire an extra person to work in dispatch, you should." Staffng the Dispatch Offce There is no magic formula for when you need to add staff in dispatch. "I have found that when errors occur it is always a communications breakdown," Greene says. "There is no super-secret formula. You need to staff to make sure it goes smoothly." Ironi stays fexible by having one main dispatcher and two or three assistants with different roles. So what would you do with the elephant? If you are still calling the zoo to take him then you probably shouldn't be in dispatch. Consider this: Build a pen in the front of your offce. Create a banner for the sides of the elephant promoting your business. Call a local farmer and ask if he can use the waste for fertilizer and call the local radio and TV stations and let them know how you are going green with the elephant promotion. Hire the dispatcher candidate who comes up with that clever answer. Need a new insurance option for your limousine operation? Call LimoInsure. LimoInsure of ed insurance solutions that help safeguard businesses against Read It Here First FREE Weekly E-Newsletter Competitive rates • High limits – up to $5 million coverage • emium financing Br estrictions • 24/7 claims support • Program offer Visit or call India Myhre at 1-866-562-4048 today. Access Industry News, Company Announcements, Laws/Regulations, Vehicle Updates and more LimoInsure is not available in all states. Nationwide coverage except AK, HI, LA, MA, NY. *Ratings as of Insurance product obligations are the sole r Join us at . Certain ough licensed surplus lines brokers. LimoInsur LIMOUSINE, CHARTER & TOUR JANUARY 2014 45

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