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PEOPLE: COMMENTS Who's Saying What Matters? LCT's web comments and social media posts now pass up the old letter to the editor and the person- on-the-street interview as a source for insights and opinions. By Martin Romjue and Lexi Tucker, LCT editors W e must admit one of the easier parts of our jobs is scrolling around on social media forums to see what industry members are really talking and triggered about. Because it's an endless flow, we can't just pass up those comments too good to wave on by. As part of a recur- ring series, we will capture for posterity those remarks and ripostes worthy in the most old-school way possible: On the permanent printed page. Here's an entertaining and engaging sampler from the last few months whirling in social space: 3 4 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2019 Comments Here's one of our favorites. True that: [07/10/2019] Shows, Events, Costs, and Loyalties Ken: Great article Jim! You are drilling down on a major topic and putting the big question out there of why and how. Why should I spend so much, and how is it going to help me? Why can't I get answers on who's taking what to the show and how can this change? Great questions and I'm sure there are hundreds more from amazing compa- nies providing impeccable service that are just trying to keep things going, hopefully grow, and make a profit amid all the competition. I favor LCT 100% because I've seen the passion put forth for many years. It's difficult to cross every "t" and dot every "i", but what a hell of a job LCT does. I would encour- age the industry to ask their questions because LCT is your source company with soldiers on the ground gathering information daily to put out and make a difference. Keep up the transparency LCT! e industry will continue to love you and follow you for it! One of our highest-trafficked news stories online was the revelation that an Uber co-founder is living large while drivers get low pay and lack benefits: [07/03/2019] Uber Drivers Struggle As Co-Founder Buys Mega-Mansion Frank: I am an ex-chauffeur in South- ern California. I have been driving for Uber for over three years. I signed up for a vehicle through FAIR attached with an Uber weekly promotion based on 70 rides per week to cover the $185 weekly cost of the vehicle. Honestly, everything was going just fine for nine months. en out of the blue and without notice or warning, Uber changed the promotional require- ment to 90 rides per week. I only can work nights and weekends around my day job, so Uber has made this new requirement completely unattainable. All calls and emails to Uber bear no explanation or justification. All this after I was just recently elevated to "Diamond" status, their top ranking for drivers with highest ratings and fewest cancellations. Who are the mo- rons running this company? It's like promoting one of your best employees and then quickly cutting their pay and asking them to work longer hours. I quickly went from being a decent steward of the Uber brand to one of their strongest and most vocal critics. I would love to start a competing app- based TNC that charges consumers a little more but treats and pays their drivers FAIRLY! After over 9,300 rides, I will be exiting the Uber platform when I hit 10,000 (personal goal). e recent purchase of the $73 million mansion is unconscionable. With the rise of social media, we see bolder, more audacious, and border- line defamatory comments. Be careful out there: Debbie Havlik: is really makes you stop and think, sometimes people need to be reminded there is a human behind the business and none of us is perfect. So- cial media unfortunately allows people to confront without responsibility! We appreciate readers and web visitors who can add to someone's life story: [05/29/2019] Brad Post, P.A. Post Agency, Passes In Plane Crash Dan Goff: A damn shame. Relied on Brad and his crew for years. Great guy and big supporter of our industry. RIP. Big loss. We editors spend our days giving many worthy industry figures recogni- tion. We always appreciate some in return. Now it's our turn to blush: [06/23/2019] Entertain And Inform Before You Sell Sally Hendrick: anks, Martin! I'm sure you won't mind if I advertise this in my content rotation. Appreciate the thorough article. [07/17/2019] Uber Black Driver Sees the Light Arshed al badri: Great article Lexi ,as usual. LCT Facebook Comments While we look to our website first for reader viewpoints, our Facebook page gets a higher real-time volume. ese were some of the gems that stood out: 7/13/19: Two Deadly New York Limo Accidents Prompt Safety Focus Jimmy Seaton: As with most issues, the rules and laws are ALREADY IN PLACE. It's simple enforcement. Old vehicles that have failed safety inspections and underqualified drivers hurt us all! My understanding is a really old and unsafe vehicle, that had failed inspections and was too old to operate under current laws, was driven by an underqualified driver. ese rules are already in place. More rules mean no more than these existing rules if not enforced. 7/10/19: Sneak Peek: Industry Group Ready for a New Ground Game (Glob- al Ground Transportation Institute) Anuj B. Patel: It's all about networking

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