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Recruitment and Retention: Tapping Your Staff's Full Potential Hire and retain exceptional employees by putting their skills to the best use. By Lexi Tucker, LCT associate editor L AS VEGAS, Nev. — If you work in the luxury ground transportation industry, you know staffing is an issue no matter where you run your operation. Without quality employees, you run the risk of los- ing business. ey are the first point of contact for clients, and will therefore provide them with the first impression of what type of operation you run. During the 2019 International LCT Show session "Peaks And Valleys Of Staffing: How To Maximize Your Human Capital" in March, Laura Canady of CLT Express Livery in Charlotte, N.C.; Vince Schneider of JED Transportation in St. Louis, Mo.; and Mike Muhsin of KLTS Limousine in San Diego, Calif., shared advice on the best ways to go about attracting and retaining talent. Online, In Person Schneider said his company has much success online with social media and job search sites like Indeed. ey blast out information at least every other week about open positions within their office. "e key is getting people in the door," he said. "We're always hiring. We will hire a good, dynamic individual and try to figure out where they fit in the organization. We have a lot of folks at JED who have worked in four or five different positions since they've joined the company." JED's headquarters is in an industrial office area on the backside of the airport in St. Louis that also is home to large distribution centers. Schneider said they've purchased signs that say "always hiring." "We get a lot of foot traffic with UPS and FedEx people delivering things. A lot of them have asked about part-time work and we love to get part-time people." e company has a lot of retail business and a diverse fleet, so there are many options for potential chauffeurs. "We like and need people who will work weekends and evenings to supplement their income. We've had some good success converting delivery drivers to chauffeurs," he said. He also mentioned Craigslist and looking for people around town who may be interested. For example, one of their affiliate managers used to work the counter at the vet's office where Schneider's wife takes their pets. "She was very successful as a reservationist and then became our affiliate manager and took on a lot of responsibilities. We had a bank teller who worked at one of the banks we do business with and she came on full-time and was successful in our organization. Just be aware everywhere you go — if you're at a restaurant, bar, anywhere people seem to exude customer service — we're always looking for those types of individuals in our operation," he explained. Muhsin uses Facebook ads for job postings and includes a $500 referral bonus for all CDL drivers. "We seem to be getting people that don't even live in San Diego, but in the Orange County and L.A. area applying and really interested." e referral bonus is given after six months. 22 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2019 (Left to right) Panelists Mike Muhsin, Laura Canady, and Vince Schneider advised on hiring, cross-training, and handling changing demands. HR / TRAINING

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