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August 2019

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16 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2019 WWW.LCTMAG.COM away from using this marking tool directly for advertising. "Don't just say 'book now!,' and avoid using phone numbers directly in the post. at tends to be a turn off. ey want to see a good picture, something unique about your com- pany, or to be asked their opinion on something, like the hottest restaurant in your area. When they have a reason to comment, they want their voice to be heard." Emam agrees and says your posts must pull an emotion out of the viewer. Best Photos e basic rule of thumb for Instagram posts is the more artistic or behind- the-scenes, the more engagement they'll receive. Emam shows off his chauffeurs training and company work them into your own posts if they are relevant. "It's tedious," Hani says. "You have to set aside time during the day to get the right shot, curate your hashtags to ev- ery single post, and don't just copy and paste the same ones every day." You'll get the most traffic if you use very high and very low traffic hashtags, he adds. If a hashtag hasn't gotten much momentum yet, you can be the one to make it trend. Users of Instagram are a more en- gaged demographic. ey don't use the app to keep up with their friends and family; they use it to follow brands and to be inspired, Schultz says. Consisten- cy is key and posting regularly will let your audience know you're an active, legitimate business. "If I go to a brand's page and their last post was on March 3 of last year, I'd assume they no longer exist," he says. When someone goes to your page, the first thing they see are the last nine photos you posted. It's vital these include a mix of shots, not just your vehicles. Also, as new features are released in the app, use them immedi- ately to add variety to your posts. It's best to have as little text in the image as possible, and put your hashtags into the first comment, rather than directly in the post, Schultz says. Miller says staying consistent will also help you set the expectations of your audience…much like your service does. Also, just because Instagram is visual-heavy, it doesn't mean you can get lazy with your captions. e goal is to be a motivational platform. Step mostly range from 18 to 34, according to Statista. Ruben Schultz , co-founder of Swoop in Los Angeles, says the company started its profile around two and a half years ago and explains it's perfect for brand marketing, which focuses more on keeping people thinking about you so when they are ready to buy, you are the first on their mind rather than making immediate sales. Get Noticed When posting on Instagram, the best way for people to find your photos is through hashtagging. is enables you to enter a photo into a directory that people can find using specific search terms. Michael Hani , who works in busi- ness development and social media at Pontarelli, says Instagram allows you to post up to 30 hashtags in one post, so take advantage of it. "I wouldn't post more than one solid post a day, and I'd follow other hashtags on the app as well so you can get a feel for what other people who are posting about the same things are doing. We follow hashtags like #limoservice and #livery, so those posts will show up our feed," he says. Take note of what other company's posts are being liked the most, see what hashtags they are using, and SOCIAL MEDIA BBZ posts excellent photos that show off vehicles and people. Photo: @bbzlimo WHAT IS AN INSTAGRAM STORY? These are posts that are "discoverable" for 24 hours. This means people who don't already follow you can see these posts (unless your profile is set to private). They are a great way to tell a story of what's happening at your company that day, or direct attention to one of your latest posts. Creating captions that help inform your audience add to your engagement possibilities. Photo: @coastallimo

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