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August 2019

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SOCIAL MEDIA You'll need to grasp this photo-focused social media platform if you want to develop a younger client base. By Lexi Tucker, LCT associate editor I t would seem like there's a new so- cial media app or website popping up every few months. Each time, you may feel a bit of anxiety as you try to navigate yet another inter- face with a different set of "rules" for getting the best engagement. Why Instagram? Instagram isn't necessarily all that new, but it's rapidly gaining popularity among a growing demographic, so you'll need to know your way around if you hope to use its full marketing potential. Sam Emam , general manager of BBZ Limousine and Livery Service in Bergenfield, N.J., started posting for his company in 2017. He began docu- menting garage activity, and also used it primarily to build the brand on the wedding side. "While Facebook and Twitter are both browser and mobile friendly, Instagram is only really available on mobile," he says. "If there's one thing people are looking at day in and day out, it's their smartphone. So it's impor- tant to grab their attention where they direct most of it." About two-and-a-half years ago, Anuj Patel , director of strategic develop- ment at Pontarelli Worldwide Ground Transportation in Chicago, Ill., started an Instagram account for his company. "Imagery is everything. It's the plat- form that best portrays your branding. Being in one of the major cities in the world, we have a lot to show." Imagery comes to life on Instagram, Patel says. While many social media sites have the capacity for photo posts, Instagram has emerged as the stron- gest. Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can cross post to Facebook from the Instagram app. Marina Miller , co-owner and director of business development of Coastal Limousine of Charleston, S.C., opened the company's page in 2015, but didn't step it up until it gained momentum. "We focus on only posting professional photos consistently," she says. "Face- book is a very powerful tool, but doesn't make use of the power of hashtags. ey allow you to get your content out and be discovered more easily." e luxury transportation industry lends itself to good visuals. With pho- tos, videos, and "stories," it's easier than ever to connect with the public. e demographics differ from Facebook as well. While Facebook has been widely adopted by all ages, Instagram users 1 4 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION AUGUST 2019 Schultz says Swoop caters heavily to a younger demographic, and mentions popular destinations and events in their posts. Photo: @swoop Instagram for Luxury Operators A Beginner's Guide to

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