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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JUNE / JULY 2019 67 GLOSSARY L } LC: Late Cancellation (fully billable). LD: Loading Dock. LM: Last Minute order/change. LOL: Lots of luggage. LOL! LV: Luggage Van. M } M & G: Meet & Greet: A service performed by a greeter at a passenger transportation facility; to meet and greet the arriving passenger; an event before or after a concert or promotional appearance where celebrities meet and greet invited fans and media for autographs and photo opportunities. Merchant Fees: Fees charged to a merchant/operator for processing credit cards. The term also refers to a "discount amount" or "points" the credit card companies deduct for each transaction based on a percentage of the sale. Mystery Rider: A person who rides for the purpose of evaluating the chauffeur and vehicle and reporting the findings to the business owner. N } Network: Large operations that maintain a "network" of limousine operators/affiliates to perform work in virtually any area around the world with a need for chauffeured service. NLT: Not Later Than. NNS: Needs No Signboard. NS: No Show. When a passenger fails to show up at the pick-up location and never calls to cancel the order. The reservation and arrangements are generally considered fully billable. O } On Demand: Service ordered in real time without a reservation, such as with Uber, Lyft, or other TNC. On Location: The vehicle is at the pickup location now; also known as On Loc. OSC: Onsite Coordinator/Contact. P } PAC: Passenger compartment. Partnerships (Affiliate Partners): A detailed arrangement between large fleet operators and their local representatives. These are typically limited to one to three local operators per market with service standards uniquely defined by the national entity and offering the potential for relatively large annual volume. Platform: The computerized reservations system and software used by an operator. Plus Plus: Plus taxes, gratuities, and/or other fees. Generally used when quoting a base rate to an affiliate to indicate charges will be added. POB: Passenger is onboard. Points: The percentage being charged in a business transaction including but not limited to credit card fees, real estate loan fees, and similar transactions. PULD: Pickup at loading dock (i.e. an arena pickup for an artist/performer). R } R1R: Remove One Row. In a van or SUV job, the client requests a row of seats to be removed to handle cargo. RAR: Remove All Rows. Requesting seats of a van be removed to handle cargo only. RFP: Request for Proposal. A proposal and complete presentation to a prospective corporate or organizational client of how chauffeured services will be performed, including vehicle descriptions, training plans, payment arrangements, and all details of service delivery. RS: Road Show. Multiple-stop charter with financial executives presenting information to financial investors. It usually involves multiple vehicles and lasts the entire business day. RSD: Road Show Desk. A specific phone number or agent managing road show transportation only. RT: Round-trip or Return trip. S } SCO: Senior Chauffeur Only. Service Charge: A charge assessed in addition to the base rate. Considered a gratuity in some areas. In other areas, specifically not part of the gratuity but used to fund car washers, reservationists, and others involved in providing service. Standby Time: Time spent standing by for a client but not actually driving, such as waiting at the airport for a delayed flight or waiting through a concert. The term may be used synonymously with Wait Time. STC: Service Transportation Charges. A generic term to include fuel surcharges, airport fees, tolls, parking fees, etc., collectively referred to as STC. STR: Stretch limousine (You better know what this is). SOF: Signature On File. T } Tail: The tail number of a private plane T2T: Town-to-Town transfer. TCP: Transportation Charter Party. Tier: A unit of measurement for fuel and travel charge calculation. Tier 1 would be the perimeter closest to the base of operations. Tiers 2+ would be slightly farther away based on distance. TNC: Transportation Network Company. A ground transportation company, such as Uber, that provides service in privately owned vehicles run by drivers connected via mobile apps and summoned by passengers using an app. TNP: Transportation Network Provider. A member of a particular network providing services within the network. Travel Charge/Time (TT/TRV): Time to or from the garage to a location when the vehicle must travel a great distance before service begins or after service ends, for which the client is charged. Trip Sheet: Also known as a waybill, this document given to the chauffeur has all the details of a trip such as mileage and times. A client or affiliate manager may ask to review a copy. W } W & R: Wait and Return to the original pickup location. Waybill: Also know as a trip ticket. A small sheet detailing a run that may be requested by any law enforcement officer, DOT officer, or airport official. WT: Wait Time. Time spent waiting on a client at a location while the client conducts business or attends a show.

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