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66 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JUNE / JULY 2019 WWW.LCTMAG.COM GLOSSARY Luxury Coach & Transportation Terms In its 36 years as a professionally organized business sector, the U.S. luxury ground transportation industry has developed its own vocabulary full of terms and abbreviations. By Jim Luff, LCT contributing editor A } A/D or A.D.: As Directed. Based on hourly rates, it means the client directs the chauffeur where to go as needed or desired. Advance: An entertainment term used for planning for transportation, lodging, equipment, and/or catering before a production. Often referred to as "advancing the show." Affiliate: Networks that maintain relationships with independent operators to deliver service in specific areas. AI: Additionally Insured. Having an affiliate named on your insurance policy covering the affiliate in case of liability. Airport Hustler: A limousine operator who parks at the airport waiting to be hailed like a taxi; commonly unlicensed. Alliances (Affiliate Representatives): Peer-to-peer strategic relationships among transportation companies for reciprocal business relying on standard professional practices. All-In: All-inclusive price with gratuity, tolls, taxes, parking fees, etc. presented as one price to a client or affiliate. ARI: All Rows In. Requests all rows of seats in an SUV be in the vehicle for seating without any cargo. AW: Authorized Wait. B } BC/BCG: Baggage Claim greeting. Booker: A person who books transportation for passengers on behalf of their company or an agent of a passenger. C } CC-INO: Credit card is in the name of... CG: Curbside Greet. Charter: An arrangement between a client and transportation company to provide services. Charter Party Carrier: The official term used by the state of California referring to for-hire private transportation licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission. CIC: Client In Car. Closed Ticket: A trip ticket (see definition) that has been finalized with charges, starting and ending mileage, chauffeur pay, and other details to charge the client or affiliate for service provided. CO: Call out. Calling a chauffeur out from home to respond to an immediate request for service not previously booked in advance. COI: Certificate of Insurance. Usually requested by affiliate networks to make sure an operator has valid insurance while performing work for the affiliate. May be requested by corporate clients to make sure employees riding as passengers are covered. Convenience Bag: Also known as a "motion sickness bag" for use by passengers who become nauseous in the vehicle during travel. CS: Curbside greeting. CX: Run/Process credit card. D } Day Of: Used in strategic planning performed in advance of a show, event, or meeting referring to the actual date of the event being planned. DB: Direct bill account. Deadhead: To travel a significant distance to or from the garage without passengers onboard. DP: Drop-off Point. Drop Time: The actual time a passenger exited the vehicle and passenger service was discontinued. DVRX: Driver Changed. E } Entertainment Pole: A pole installed in party-buses for "dancing." ER: En Route. The vehicle is moving to a specific destination or pick-up location. F } Farm-In: To receive a job from another operator or network. The receiving operator will perform the work for the provided job as the originating operator or network was unable to do it due to availability or geographic limits. Farm Job: A job received from either another operator or network or given to another operator or network. Farm Out: To give a job to another operator or network to perform the work due to availability or geographic area limitations. FBO: Fixed Based Operator. A private aircraft servicing company where planes drop off and pick up passengers. G } Greeter: A person who greets passengers with a signboard upon their arrival, usually at passenger facilities such as airports, and escorts the party to the vehicle. The greeter may be a company employee or an independent contractor who greets for many companies. Grid: The current view of a dispatcher of vehicles actively assigned, enroute, in-service, etc. using livery software. A specific mode of use, such as "currently on the grid." Gypsy: An illegal limousine operator who generally has no insurance, operating authority, airport permits, and prices his service far below market value. H } Holiday Surcharge: A charge assessed to a client for services on holidays. Generally used to cover bonuses to chauffeurs who work on a major holiday. I } IC: Independent Contractor: A self-employed chauffeur who pays his own taxes, provides insurance, and is responsible for expenses in operating a company-owned vehicle. May chauffeur for more than one limousine service as an "independent." IFO: In Front Of. IO: Independent Operator: An operator who owns, drives, and maintains a vehicle used for original jobs or ones provided by another operator or network.

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