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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JUNE / JULY 2019 31 PEOPLE Upgrade your seat package! Freedman Seating Company is an ISO 9001 certified company. We constantly update and improve our products; therefore, we reserve the right to change or modify specifications or materials without notice. All FSC products meet or exceed FMVSS. a division of New transition brackets make it possible to install Freedman seats on existing Ford™ legs. | (574) 542-2001 Sam Rubin, owner FOUR SEASONS CONCIERGE PARK CITY, UTAH One of the challenges many transportation companies face is the lack of "automation" or customizing their software platform to reduce manual "touches." This reduces the possibility of human error as well as the number of administrative tasks, phone calls, and emails a company receives. As many of the luxury transportation companies are smaller operators, where the owner is the dispatcher and chauffeur, implementing automation is a great way to reduce costs and improve customer service. As we use the LimoAnywhere platform, we are heavily vested with the Addons. LA services. One of the things LimoAnywhere lacks is the ability to ask the client if they have checked or carry-on bags at the time of making a reservation. As an example, the Salt Lake City International Airport is located less than 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. If we have two clients on the same €ight and one has carry-on bags and one has checked bags, we can often have the same chauffeur take the carry-on passenger to their downtown hotel BEFORE the checked bag passenger has received their luggage. With the help of the Addons.LA team, we had them custom build "airport link" for us. This sends out a text message to the passenger 30 minutes before they land. Once the passenger turns on their cell phone, they are greeted with a personalized text message and a link. That link has several buttons that ask the passenger to tap what type of luggage they have. Once they have their luggage or get near the baggage claim area, they are prompted to touch another button on their cell phone. Both of those taps send text messages to the chauffeur letting them know the passenger has arrived and is ready for pick-up. This has all but eliminated phone calls to our dispatch asking, "where do I meet the chauffeur?", further making us more productive and improving the passenger experience. We are also implementing the Alexa and Bot services from Addons.LA. If you use Limo Anywhere, you MUST look into the amazing "add on" features Addons.LA offers. It will help to differentiate you from others and the TNCs.

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