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20 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JUNE / JULY 2019 WWW.LCTMAG.COM MOTORCOACH STATISTICS Costs 27% Staying busy year-round 20% Finding maintenance personnel 19% Small Companies 45% Mid-Sized Companies 16% Large Companies 39% provided by large companies 69% By mid-size companies 15% by small companies 16% Competition 9% Pricing 8% Engine technology/vehicles 8% Other than drivers, what is your biggest challenge? Passenger Trips Companies Fuel Efficiency Employment Services In 2017, the average fuel efciency of a motorcoach was 6.4 miles per gallon of fuel. With this fuel efciency, a motorcoach carrying the industry average of 43.7 passengers achieved 280.1 passenger miles per gallon of fuel in 2017. The Motorcoach Census is a study commissioned by the American Bus Association Foundation (ABAF) to measure the size and activity of the motorcoach transportation service industry in the U.S. and Canada in 2017. The study provides information on the scope and impact of the motorcoach industry that builds upon earlier census research. small fleet -25 vehicles medium fleet 25-99 vehicles KEY large fleet 100+ vehicles In 2017, the motorcoach industry in the U.S. and Canada consisted of 3,196 companies that operated 37,264 motorcoaches. U.S.: 2,963 companies operated 32,920 motorcoaches CANADA: 233 companies operated 4,344 motorcoaches The motorcoach industry provided 574.6 million passenger trips in 2017. The motorcoach industry provided jobs to 98,500 people in 2017. On average, a motorcoach company provided 31 jobs, or 2.6 jobs per motorcoach. Considering the amount of passengers served per bus, motorcoaches move people with remarkable fuel efficiency. Motorcoach companies offer a diverse variety of services: The industry moved individual passengers a total of 64.3 billion miles in 2017. Charter Service Sightseeing Tour Service Scheduled Service Commuter Service 96% 20% 35% 22% 10% Most (94%) companies were small. Total, these rms operated 21,875 motorcoaches, provided 88.8 million passenger trips, and accounted for 47.4% of motorcoach mileage. Mid-sized companies ran 6,604 motorcoaches, provided 87.6 million passenger trips, and accounted for 26.8% of the industry's motorcoach mileage. Large companies accounted for 24% of the industry's ‚eet, provided 69.3% of the industry's passenger trips, and 25.8% of the industry's motorcoach mileage. % of Motorcoach Indusrty Jobs

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