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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION MAY 2019 21 W here Craftsmanship Counts ™ a Cabot Coach Builders Company 120" Corporate - 99 Newark Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 • ph. 978.374.4530 or 800.544.5587 • fx. 978.521.5425 S aleS & ServiCe CenterS: Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Nevada • © 2014 Cabot Coach Builders, Inc. Why not learn more about the Royale MKT 120" limousines. Call us today, toll free and speak with a Product Specialist. 1.800.544.5587 email: e reaction of your guests means everything to the future of not only your company, but chauffeured transporta- tion as a whole. You don't beat Uber by knocking them down; you beat them by building yourself up. "Your front line is your bottom line. Your chauffeurs drive sales. We must assume everyone we do business with has executive level expectations, and it all comes from your people. ey are your perceived value." He elaborated on the difference be- tween teaching and training. Training is behavior modification. You can't change people — they have to want to represent your business the right way. Training is arming those who have potential with the tools they need to help build the business. "When you hire people, to hell with experience. You show me some- one with the right personality, give me a few days, and I'll make them a great chauffeur. Hire for personality, energy, compassion, and remember every time we lose an employee, it's a chance to hire someone better. Upgrade. Don't ever compromise your standards." — a black quilted seat cover on the back seat. e first thing I think is, 'is guy doesn't trust me to sit in his car. He must think I'm a loser!'" After sliding back and forth throughout the unsafe ride, the only reaction his TNC experi- ence brought about was disappoint- ment and longing for a chauffeured car. He called out a representative from the company he's been using for 10 years when he's in Los Angles and said he would never call anyone else because of the relationship he has with him. "I am hugged when he sees me at the airport. What I get with his company is something money can't buy: Respect, status, significance, importance…all of the things that mean something to us in life. We all want to feel important." He asked the audience to raise their hands if they had chauffeurs out on the road who probably don't provide the best customer service. "How can you succeed if you know that and didn't do anything about it? at's like having a football team and not caring about how the players play. e problem is we don't elevate employees to our stan- dards; we let ours drop down to theirs." Create A Reaction You aren't just providing transporta- tion — you're creating a reaction in your clients, and those who create the best reactions win. Taffer told a story about how he once had to take an Uber because his car service vehicle was two hours late. "A car pulls up, and it has Stop worrying about the competition; start worrying about what you do and how you do it. That's how you win. — Jon Taffer

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