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2019 INTERNATIONAL LCT SHOW: KEYNOTERS Stop Worrying About Them — Focus On You Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer gave one of the most riveting and inspiring keynote speeches an LCT Show audience has ever seen. By Lexi Tucker, LCT senior editor L AS VEGAS, Nev. — It's time to stop fretting over TNCs. e industry should know by now Uber and Lyft's customers are not chauffeured transportation clients. If you're losing business, the only person you have to blame is yourself. is was the message Jon Taffer , New York Times bestselling author, highly sought-after hospitality and general business consultant, and creator, exec- utive producer, and star of Paramount Network 's Bar Rescue, hammered home at the 2019 International LCT Show. Sponsored by Grech Motors, this was a keynote speaker attendees will remember for years to come. Non-Existent Consistency A proud customer of luxury chauf- feured transportation, Taffer does busi- ness with operators two to three times a week. "My friends used to tell me 'You'll never be on TV. You're not good looking enough,'" he said. Ironically, his show is now in its sixth season. "It's just like how I could say you'll never beat Uber, but you will if you want to." From the get go, Taffer aimed to give attendees some tough love. He mentioned how he struggles when he gets into a chauffeured vehicle and the chauffeurs are inconsistent. "How can I get in a car from the same com- pany, and one chauffeur has water, while the other doesn't? Or another has snacks and the other doesn't? One gentleman doesn't stop talking to me and wants to know the name of my daughter and when I got married, but the other guy won't say a freakin' word to me?" is lack of standards is what he considers to be the weakest point of the industry. "We have to understand without standards, the other guys win. Stan- dards are how we define ourselves." Lessons From Failure Any business consultant will tell you how to be successful, but the best les- sons come from your own mistakes. Taffer discovered the common denomi- nator of failure about 120 episodes into 1 8 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION MAY 2019 Jon Taffer, New York Times bestselling author, highly sought-after hospitality and general business consultant, and creator, executive producer, and star of Paramount Network's Bar Rescue. "If you don't own your excuses, they'll own you." — Jon Taffer

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