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14 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION MAY 2019 WWW.LCTMAG.COM Please join us in congratulating Concierge Limousine in California and Hy's Limousine Worldwide in Connecticut for winning the 2019 LCT Operator of the Year Awards. We're honored to have you as customers! 2019 INTERNATIONAL LCT SHOW: OPERATIONS MEDIA/MARKETING • Sponsor events for luxury product and service companies, such as watches, purses, or hotels. • Business owners who are former members of the military can promote their veteran-owned small business status to city, state, and federal governments for contracts. • Hire a contractor or media professional to monitor and manage all of your social media platforms and SEO optimization to minimize distractions. • Hire a telemarketing firm and script them to make appointments for you to visit potential clients. • Work with local writers, influencers, and advertisers to help increase your brand awareness. • Pursue strategic partnerships with public television stations, premier theaters, politicians, and community- friendly events and festivals. • Encourage chauffeurs and employees to positive content about your company on social media accounts. SAFETY/INSURANCE • Carry out all pre-shift vehicle safety inspections on an app called iAuditor. This can help your company become more efficient by enabling chauffeurs to use company iPads to carry out the inspections. The data is stored in the cloud. • Install hands-free calling on all fleet vehicles as standard, enabling dispatch to safety stay in contact with chauffeurs at all times. • Partner with a compliance company to ensure you meet all federal and state regulations. • Watch GPS diagnostics to see which chauffeurs consistently go over the speed limit and need counseling. Monitor braking and rough riding. • Have your insurance company send a trainer each quarter to review the latest developments on safety practices. • Adopt a strict chauffeur policy: Only touch a phone if the vehicle is in park. • Encourage and incentivize chauffeurs to get security guard and emergency medical certifications and/or training. • Train chauffeurs for driving and handling high-end celebrity clients in paparazzi environments and situations. • Require staff technicians to monitor robust pre- and post-trip reporting and maintenance logs. • Install a constant camera recording system that has the ability to use artificial intelligence to identify the chauffeur and label him or her in the car without any interaction from dispatch. The system is also attached to the OBD port in the vehicle which allows managers to read live data from the engine and computer indicating when an issue has been detected. Dispatch can contact the chauffeur and tell him to get off a highway and proceed to a safe location before a breakdown.

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