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April 2019

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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION APRIL 2019 15 Sprinter Coaches by Royale Call today and speak with a product specialist: 1-800-544-5587. 99 Newark Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 | 978.374.4530 · 800.544.5587 | sales@ · Sales & Service Centers: Massachusetts · New York · New Jersey · Florida · California · Nevada © 2015 Cabot Coach Builders, Inc. Where Craftsmanship Counts ™ ship becomes a new source of revenue for you. Prepare a list of the vehicle types you operate and their respective prices so the venue can roll them into their proposals. The TNC Battle It's hard to pretend transportation network companies (TNCs) have not seriously encroached upon these events. You can't help but notice a line of private cars stamped with logos in the window as events draw to a close. is is where we become the disruptors. People attending these events are sup- porting the cause of the charity event. Being listed as an event sponsor implies doing business with you is sup- porting the charity. Having your logo printed on the event ticket with your phone number drives calls. Clients may think riding in your vehicle for this event might be discounted. When your com- pany name is closely associated with an event, people will know it is not too chic to arrive with a neon-pink sign glowing in the window. — mentions from the stage, and signage or an ad in the pro- gram. Working With Venues We mentioned nu- merous avenues for entering this market. Working directly with venues is another way for new and repeat business. When a charity hosts an event, the first consid- eration is where the event will be held. Venues compete fiercely in this market and as part of their rent offer to throw in extra things. is can include stages, sound sys- tems, security guards, and catering for one fee. Why not add transportation to the list? Venues are frequently used by wedding, retirement, and other parties. If a "house car" is included with the rent, it sweetens the offering the venue has for its customers and they can build it into the price of the rental fee as an option. is relation- money to make money. You might consider sponsoring the event for an amount you are comfortable with in exchange for having your logo appear on printed tickets or electronic tickets listed as the "Exclusive Transporta- tion Provider." Combining your sponsorship with paid rides for other sponsors and special rates for ticket holders, you are likely to earn back your investment and then some. e opportunities you gain driv- ing the well-heeled people attending these events is invaluable. Developing a relationship with a promoter is an even bigger bonus. Don't be shortsighted and think of this as a one-time deal. You want to get on this circuit and ride it forever. You want to use it to expose your company to potential new clients and be included in future events. As a sponsor, always make sure you ask for a vehicle to be on display, promotional

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