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32 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION MARCH 2019 WWW.LCTMAG.COM CUSTOMER SERVICE Client Caused Failures We've all heard the old adage the customer is always right. at's old, outdated, and obviously not made for our busi- ness. Clients have been known to give the wrong date for airport pick-ups, flight numbers, and hotel names. Sami Elotmani, vice president of operations for Destination MCO in Orlando, recommends recording service failures caused by clients, such as providing the wrong pick-up date or time. is can help identify a need to modify reservationist scripts to improve the date verification process. Target Goal When operators were asked in an informal social media survey, the most commonly quoted key performance indi- cator (KPI) was .5% at most. at would equate to no more than five failures for every 1,000 trips. Lisa Ortega, affili- ate manager for BostonCoach, says every Friday CEO Scott Solombrino reviews the ser- vice failure log. As 2018 ended, BostonCoach had a failure rate of .56% and was certainly close to its target goal. Desti- nation MCO strives for .25% or one single error out of every 400 trips, Elotmani says. Log Keepers is should be based upon many factors. Record ser- vice failures as soon as they occur to avoid losing details of the incident. An owner or manager should document each incident with input from all parties involved to properly analyze and categorize them. A person familiar with the incident resolution and costs should enter it into the record. e log doesn't need to be confidential since it's an improvement tool for all staff members. e most logical staffers to start an entry into the log are the dispatchers on duty at the time of the incidents, since they are most likely to know the details and people involved. It's Not Doom And Gloom While no one likes failing, there are some silver linings and rainbows that result from failures. "Service failures are a good thing," says Scott Woodruff, owner of Majestic Limou- sine in Des Moines, Iowa. "It gives you a reason to touch the client. Own your pitfall, touch the client, and make them a more loyal client." Schwartz points out clients often complain because they are simply having a bad day. Sam Rubin, owner of Park City Group Transportation in Park City, Utah says you need to get on the same emotional level as a grumpy client and give them an opportunity to vent. Keeping a log of failures isn't all bad. Consider it more of your roadmap to excellence. — and of course, human errors such as oversleeping or get- ting lost. Brent Abruzese, owner of several transporta- tion companies in New Jersey, created a special settlement category in Limo Anywhere called "Service Error" so he can track failures within the software and keep details by notes in the reservation and/ or client profile. is might seem like a lot of information to document. However, you should not have to enter information in a failure log too often. As you use the log of past mistakes to make changes within your company, the fewer failures you should encounter in the future. Cause Codes Every accident investigation report ends with findings on accident causes and contributing factors. You should come to a conclusion for each service failure such as mechanical, staff training, staff performance, human errors, weather related, or others. The Cost of Resolution All service failures will cost you something. Whether it's your time to discuss with all parties involved or a full refund, you should document all costs and effects of a resolution. You might be surprised to eventually see exactly how much a particular chauffeur costs you in resolving his failures. Rohan D'Souza, CEO of Riviera Transportation in Mt. Bethel, Penn., recommends instead of issuing refunds, you offer them a better deal towards their next trip. "is results in them calling you again and gives you an opportunity to outshine yourself and correct your mistake," D'Souza says. You will need to examine every failure for the appropriate action based upon its severity. Brent Abruzese, owner of Red Bank Limo in Red Bank, N.J., created a special settlement category in his Limo Anywhere software system called "Service Error" so he can track failures within the software and keep details by notes in the reservation and/or client profile. Sami Elotmani, VP of operations and director of global affiliate partnerships for Destination MCO in Orlando, says his company strives for a .25% failure rate, or one error out of every 400 trips. "Service failures are a good thing. It gives you a reason to touch the client. Own your pitfall, touch the client, and make them a more loyal client." — Scott Woodruff, Majestic Limousine

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