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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION FEBRUARY 2019 17 that has style and curb appeal, says bus operator Dan Goff, owner of A. Goff Transportation in Charlottesville, Va., which runs Prevost buses, and owner of SuperMax Motors, a used bus dealer that is one of two authorized wholesal- ers for Prevost's pre-owned bus division. "e limo guys understood style and appearance, but had not learned quality, longevity, resale value, and the advan- tage of a smooth bus ride," he recalls. "ey could tell if the skin was pretty, but weren't as savvy on the bones. ey looked at Prevost and saw motor homes and Elton John tour buses. "Prevost had a different perception. For them, the ultimate representation of their product was when someone takes a Prevost shell and puts a $2 million upgrade on it. at top tier elite product would seem like it was the logical thing to take to a limo show and put in your advertising to show you really had the quality." Goff says he met with Prevost mar- keting officials before their first LCT show and advised them to show opera- tors bus models that hold 40-60 pas- sengers instead of ones with beds and big screen TVs in them, since operators are more interested in tapping the large group transportation market, but with an upscale limo approach. Now, you see Prevost focused on amenities such wood floors, leather seats, and accent indirect lighting, which draw many limousine operators to Prevost, Goff says. "In my opinion and those of others, Prevost builds the best product, is the most durable, the best ride, the sexiest, but also has an incredible commitment to service. at wins out. e limo market was quick to pick up on that." — e operators also tell Prevost they like how the coaches perform, with a smooth quiet ride and easy mainte- nance. Prevost buses come with Wi- Fi, USB ports, and 110-volt outlets. Prevost also is installing the Icomera info-entertainment system box either at the factory or service centers. e system can accommo- date up to eight different SIM cards and has two antennas and a movie library. Passengers can log in to the Wi-Fi network and select movies without downloading an app like on major U.S. airlines. Recent Improvements Among the innovations and improve- ments Prevost installed in the 2018 models is a redesigned electric fan ar- rangement in the engine compartment that freed up space for easier mechanic access. e fans replaced a ventilation system driven by belts, enabling the bus to gain 60-70 horsepower and 4% more fuel economy. e self-cleaning dynamic of nine fans creates enough redundancy to allow the engine to function in case one fan goes down. Prevost also is introducing a re- freshed X3-45 model, a slightly lower, longer-wheelbase version of the H3-45 used for inter-city travel and shuttle routes. It's more suited to maneuver- ing in tighter areas and under lower bridges. In comparison, the H3-45 has a higher passenger deck and more underbelly luggage storage, making it ideal for longer, multi-day touring trips and excursions. Closing The Full Customer Circle Since 2015, Prevost has evolved with the limousine industry in providing operators a practical, solid luxury coach going from 30 units sold to near 50 in 2018," Tremblay says. e pre-owned H3-45s appeal to operators who want an affordable high-end coach with curb appeal and premium luxury amenities. About 65% of Prevost buses sold within the luxury ground transportation market are Volvo 9700s with the remain- der being the H3-45 and X3-45 models. Luxury Operator Support Operators who bought Prevost buses have told the manufacturer they like the nationwide service and support network, which Tremblay says is critical for motorcoach service. e network is backed by a 24/7/365 call center and technicians who can either advise on the phone or use from an available fleet of service vans to visit client sites. Prevost also offers same- day shipping on parts. Prevost has 16 service and sup- port centers in the U.S. and Canada, including its newest one that opened in Orlando, Fla., in October 2018. It also opened one in Hayward, Calif., near San Francisco. Both centers are located in big markets for motorcoach service. Prevost buses come with two-year full bumper to bumper warranties with the option for a five year extended warran- ty on the powertrain. "Service reps can go to customers, and we have more than 150 Volvo truck dealers that support the network in addition to the Prevost ones," Tremblay says. Prevost vice president and general manager Francois Tremblay says luxury transportation operators are warming up to the higher profits that can be earned on a premium-level luxury bus. MODEL NAME: Volvo 9700 LENGTH: 45 ft. PASSENGER CAPACITY: 56 LUGGAGE CAPACITY: 411ft3/11.4m3 ENGINE TYPE: Volvo D13 MODEL LANDING PAGE URL: MODEL NAME: H3-45 LENGTH: 45 ft. PASSENGER CAPACITY: 56 LUGGAGE CAPACITY: 460ft3/13.3m3 ENGINE TYPE: Volvo D13 MODEL LANDING PAGE URL: MODEL NAME: X3-45 LENGTH: 45 ft. PASSENGER CAPACITY: 55 LUGGAGE CAPACITY: 380ft3/10.8 m3 ENGINE TYPE: Volvo D13 MODEL LANDING PAGE URL:

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