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2018 LCT-NLA SHOW EAST: KEYNOTE Lessons From A Former Bad Boy Chef Jeff Henderson's journey from convict to renowned businessman made for an incredible keynote presentation. By Lexi Tucker, LCT associate editor TLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Many attendees were likely intrigued by the concept of a chef giving the keynote presentation at this year's LCT East on Nov. 5. How- ever, those who attended the event sponsored by Grech Motors were certainly glad they did, as Jeff Henderson , a former convicted drug dealer turned award-winning chef and bestselling author, told a story that moved and inspired. Differences And Similarities Henderson understood some luxury trans- portation operators may be apprehensive about what he could possibly teach them. He clarified his main message as being related to the American dream. "No matter who you are or where you come from, what country or religion you embrace, everyone has an opportunity to achieve greatness," he said. He admitted to making a lot of poor choices and actions he wasn't happy about in his past, but he was thankful for the organizations and mentors who helped give him a second chance. ey saw value and potential in him, and helped him discover his "gift" — something unique that can be found in every one of us in a different form. "As leaders and entrepreneurs in our respective industries, we are where we are in life and we become the best versions of ourselves, because at some point we discover our gift: Something we do extremely well at a very high level with the least amount of effort," he explained. At 54 years old, Henderson has survived the streets, prison, and corporate America, which he believes is "pretty gangsta, too." He identified a common goal for everyone in the room: To grow the industry at the highest level possible while fighting every day against the bottom feeders trying to chip away at their businesses. Rough Start Growing up in poverty and a broken home, Henderson faced many circumstances that led him to his past life. Nobody is born a criminal, he said, and often our circum- stances and influences shape our lives. He was motivated by the idea of one day having a house on a hill with a white picket fence; unfortu- nately, his circumstances led him to pursue it in the wrong way. "When you raise yourself without the proper teachings and dreams, you become influenced by other elements in your life and community. To my knowledge, it was the 'streetpreneurs' who had pockets full of money and nice vehicles…there was no money connected to education," he said. erefore, he began to study the strengths and 26 WWW.LCTMAG.COM Chef Jeff enraptured the audience with his life story and what he has learned about being a successful businessman. LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JANUARY 2019

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