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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JANUARY 2019 25 moves around objects, parallel park close to a curb, back into a tight spot, and be able to complete a safe left turn," he said. "All of those stations relate to parking, sideswipes, rear-end situations, and pedestrian hits." e rodeo proved insightful and hum- bling for participants, as they could see how well they've kept up with refined driving skills. Future Chauffeur Rodeo courses should be expanded with more participants, adding more test stations to expand skill evaluations. "At Lancer, we are committed to safe- ty driver training and relying on skilled drivers," Crescenzo said. "e rodeo combined our philosophy with those of participating companies of testing skills and providing safe, smooth, and comfortable rides to passengers." — rear-enders, Crescenzo said. e most expensive claims are pedestrian hits. "e course was set up specifically to look at the ability to do serpentine "It raised awareness of how important driving skills are but that we sometimes take for granted what we think we know but haven't been challenged to do in day-to-day driving." —Bob Crescenzo Everyday driving skills can require a lot of concentration, even for seasoned operators. (L to R) Ron Robinson, Harry Dhillion, Ivan Batiashvili, and LCT Publisher Sara Eastwood-Richardson. (L to R) Robert Gaskill, Alex Darbahani, Marlo Denning, and LCT Publisher Sara Eastwood- Richardson. (L to R) Marlo Denning, Alex Darbahani, Ivan Batiashvili, and Lancer's Bob Crescenzo. BEHIND THE WHEEL WINNERS The first, second, and third place trophies for the First Annual Chauffeur Rodeo were presented at the People's Choice Awards celebration on Nov. 5. In that order, CDL winners included Marlo Denning, Alex Darbahani, and Robert Gaskill, and non-CDL winners were Ivan Batiashvili, Harry Dhillon, and Mohmmad Mumtaz (pictured is Ron Robinson, who accepted on his behalf). Overall, the best scoring participants were Marlo Denning, Alex Darbahani, and Ivan Batiashvili.

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