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2018 LCT-NL A SHOW EAST: SAFET Y The event proved the most crucial of industry skills — driving a vehicle — brings out the competitive spirit. By Martin Romjue, LCT editor A TLANTIC CITY, N.J. — While the industry's focus goes mostly to customer service, sales, and revenues, none of it happens for a company if the chauffeur behind the wheel doesn't do a good job maneuvering the vehicle. e first ever industry driving test, the "LCT Chauffeur Rodeo" held Nov. 4 at LCT East, tested operators on skills everyone assumes are mastered. While the event scored all the drivers and produced winners, the big takeaway is what operators and their chauffeurs can learn about safety in unknown weak spots. "e primary goal was getting driv- ers and managers together to demon- strate what people in the industry do every single day," said Bob Crescenzo, the vice president of Lancer Insur- ance Company, which sponsored the rodeo in the parking lot of Harrah's Waterfront Conference Center, site of LCT East. "It raised awareness of how important driving skills are, but that we sometimes take for granted what we think we know but haven't been challenged to do in day-to-day driving." Practical Training e event consisted of two parts. First, each contestant took a short driving assessment quiz which counted as 50 points toward the overall score. Second, each engaged in four key driv- ing skill challenges — such as parallel parking, cornering, left turns, and backing — which counted for an ad- ditional 200 points (50 points each) for a possible total score of 250 points . Contestants could choose to partici- pate in the CDL (commercial drivers' license) and/or non CDL divisions. Contestants in the CDL division drove a minibus, while those in the non-CDL one drove a Cadillac Escalade. Winners were chosen based on rankings of over- all scores (see accompanying photos). "We wanted to go beyond just driv- ing skills, and evaluate their customer service skills and knowledge," Cres- cenzo said. e three winners in each category tended to do well in all of the catego- ries, but some who were OK in the driving part excelled in the knowledge assessment, while others were some- what better in the driving skills test but exceptional in the customer service (written test) part, Crescenzo said. Skills Alert e most common claims Lancer In- surance sees in its vast book of luxury ground transportation business are sideswipes, parking collisions, and 2 4 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JANUARY 2019 Judges measured contestant parking and spacing results to compute scores. At one station, drivers had to avoid tapping a pylon with an egg on top. . . whoops. Lessons From A Back-To-Basics Round-Up

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