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CORPORATE CUSTOMER SERVICE ILLUSTRATION: GETTY.COM/ ADVENTTR 2 0 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JANUARY 2019 T o succeed in this indus- try, you need to be the master of repeats. Repeat business. Repeat clients. Repeat referrals. Now, repeat after me: Learn how to keep you clients and win them back if they leave. Lenore D'Anzieri, director of travel industry partner- ships for Dav El | Boston- Coach Chauffeured Trans- portation Network, and Jeff Nyikos, CEO of Leros Point to Point of Valhalla, N.Y., detailed their strategies for client retention during a session at LCT-NLA Show East on Nov. 6. Here are some highlights below: Corporate Culture Retaining clients begins with establishing a corporate culture, which can be defined in as many ways as there are transportation services. While it may be hard to define, D'Anzieri notes it starts from the top management. Whether you are landing a new client or have lost one, chances are management had a hand in it through actions or lack of action in the case of a lost client. Owners and managers establish the culture and your team follows the culture. It results in the behavioral traits of the entire team in how they socialize amongst themselves and clients, and even creates an emo- tional environment your clients feel. Without a corporate culture, an em- ployee having a bad day could answer the phone in an unfriendly or uncaring way, D'Anzieri said. However, with an established cul- ture, even on a bad day, the employees know exactly how the phone should be answered each time. When a client calls, they should feel the corporate culture through the phone and end the call feeling valued. e most important ingredient to good corporate culture is mindful leadership, D'Anzieri said. is is defined as being aware of what's hap- pening in your company. Not only are you aware of the processes, procedures, analytics, and revenue, you also need to be in touch with the emotional and social intelligence of your teams. ey all have to be on the same page as you. NO. 1: Leading By Example Another key ingredient is setting an example and be- ing aware of your behaviors. Just as you expect your employees to answer the phone in a friendly way even if they are having a bad day, you must be mindful that yelling and screaming when someone made a mistake or failing to empower your team to make decisions can ruin a positive corporate culture. is means you must have self-man- agement, self-control, and resilience. You must share your goals and expec- tations and coach. is is a huge part of client retention. "Leading by example is the number one key to success," Nyikos said. Even how you dress and expect How To These seven key points can help you create a company culture with best practices that will boost performance and service. By Jim A. Luff, LCT contributing editor Retain And Win Back Clients

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