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January 2019

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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION JANUARY 2019 19 W here Craftsmanship Counts ™ a Cabot Coach Builders Company 120" Corporate - 99 Newark Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 • ph. 978.374.4530 or 800.544.5587 • fx. 978.521.5425 S aleS & ServiCe CenterS: Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Nevada • © 2014 Cabot Coach Builders, Inc. Why not learn more about the Royale MKT 120" limousines. Call us today, toll free and speak with a Product Specialist. 1.800.544.5587 email: find CDL chauffeurs with passenger endorsements in the quantities we need during the last year. We talked about some of the different things we do to find people who are different and use our staff to its best abilities, getting them to do more than they had in the past. Finding new systems to discover new people and getting them trained up to your standard as quickly as possible is always something you struggle with. Table Seven: What we said at our table is how do you go out and find something that will increase your business by 30%? You have to develop relationships by joining associations, the GBTA, your local Chamber of Commerce, and MPI. You have to talk about what makes your company different — because without a differentiator, you're only just another chauffeured car company. e differentiator is never the car, period. Nobody cares about cars; what they care about is what levels of service you are providing. — it profitable, and two, is it contracted? Table Four: One of the biggest challenges if you went up 30% would be scram- bling for chauffeurs. e biggest thing would be having the staff on hand to make that happen. Table Five: ere are many variables to consider. Depending on your size, it affects everyone differently. It depends on the type of revenue. If it's sedan transfers, that's one thing; if it's a bus contract, that's totally different. e biggest challenge we pinpointed was staffing. At certain levels, it will be a challenge for most people. Table Six: We've found it difficult to it's a contract, that's totally different, because normally they give you some time to buy equipment for it. Table Three: How profitable is the ad- ditional 30% revenue? Are you charg- ing full rate? Or are you giving a 20% discount to get this additional revenue? Don't just assume you're buying a com- pany or somebody is going out of busi- ness. If it's an influx of business, do you have the processes in place to handle it right away? If you're already at 80%, 90% usage, and your vehicles are moving all the time, your natural reaction is, "I can't handle this." Some of those at this table said, "Well, I can actually take 30% more revenue and be semi-okay." Gener- ally speaking, they had to decide one, is "I operate my business the way I operate my life — I fly by the seat of my pants." — Doug Schwartz

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