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6 WWW.LCTMAG.COM DEAR LCT: FEATURED E-MAIL OF THE MONTH Be sure to visit to post your comments and feedback on any of the content items. LCT will publish the best comments on this page. From: Anthony Asaro, afliate manager, Desert Rose Worldwide Transportation, Phoenix, Ariz. LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION DECEMBER 2018 "I think one of the biggest obstacles we are facing in the industry is technology and having it intergraded with our systems. This can be a good or bad thing. There are so many tech companies, and it seems like everyone is trying to get into the pockets of operators. It can be overwhelming for some, especially those who don't dabble too much or really understand it. I am one of those people. Some of these new tech companies have great ideas and software. Some don't. I wish there was more unity with tech companies in our industry to come up with a system that's seamless for everyone across the board. We all use different software for booking, and it's getting more difcult to choose the right company to go with. I understand everyone needs to make money, but once the -ood gates are open, it's hard for operators to make the "right" choice on what software/ tech company to go with. It's exciting and scary with all the new advancements out there. I'll be waiting to see where it's at in a few years. I hope in the long run we can weed out the bad seeds and embrace the ones that are truly here to help the industry and operators grow their businesses. Follow LCT on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Do you want to sound off to an editor? E-mail your thoughts on an industry topic to LCT editor Martin Romjue (; LCT associate editor Lexi Tucker (; OR LCT contributing editor Jim Luff ( LCT CONNECT — the new-school alternative to a letters-to-the-editor page — is compiled by LCT editor Martin Romjue and LCT associate editor Lexi Tucker ( Visitor comments we "like" on LCT Social Media posts. [10/23/2018] Past Limo Crash Findings Playing Into Proposed Rules Will: Let's also not lose sight of the obvious overload. A 140-in. is a 10-12 pack. We all know this. What's five to seven extra souls onboard? 1,000 lbs. added to a braking system stressed to capacity when the limo is empty...never mind so grossly overloaded. [10/03/2018] Colorado Operator Leads With Honor john michael: Frank is truly one of us, personal service to the core. And PAX training is great! Keep the good service going and roll on. [09/12/2018] Why You Must Own Your Web And Internet Assets Theresa: Bill, once again you make very important recommendations all business owners should follow. Mike: I love the information. But now not only do I have to run a transportation company; I'm running a technology company as well. To really do this properly I will need a full stack system and have coders and someone to manage it as well. And with all of the new net neutrality laws, this alone will cost 3X as much as running my transportation company. [10/23/2018] Past Limo Crash Findings Playing Into Proposed Rules Doug: After reading this article, the text stating the limo had extremely loud exhaust leads me to think the group had carbon monoxide poisoning. That would explain no skid marks or no apparent attempt to minimize the accident scene. If they were all dead from exhaust entering the cabin, the wreck was an effect of the poisoning. Time will tell. Sad for the families. [10/02/2018] How To Get Your Service Soaring With More Class john michael: Great article with real substance, I read it three times! Keep this coming, and don't stop. [10/10/2018] Limo Crash Company Not Typical Of The Industry Richard F. Haste: I am with my fellow operators in expressing American Knight Car and Limousine Inc.'s sympathy to the family and friends of those lost in (the Oct. 6) accident. I believe with respect for all concerned that engaging in media statements of speculation is not necessary. I personally know of accidents that were the result of the drivers who died in motion, and this may have happened as well. Gentlemen, let's allow all to grieve and the professionals at NTSB to sort it out. Just saying. Thank you! 10/29/2018: 6 Ways To Market Against Competitors With Class Christina Mae Zanone: That last point, every time! 10/22/2018: Vandemonium: Why Ford Transit Is Popular Adam Broker: The Sprinter is an unbeatable value and symbol of new luxury! 10/17/2018: Tighter Rules Proposed In Wake Of Stretch Limo Crash Gary LeCamu: Enforce existing laws. Douglas S. Berry: An independent safety inspection where all wheels are removed to check the brakes and require all equipment to be in working condition at all times or the vehicle is tagged and taken off the road until repaired. Jimmy Seaton: Most of the reasonable rules ARE in place. Inspections, age limits, driver training, DOT rules. As with all things, this (seemingly) unsafe operator put an unskilled, improperly licensed driver in an old, unsafe, vehicle that had failed inspections. Those same scenarios will prevail with new laws also. The public goes for can cost you in the end. Neil E. Collins: Soon no more limousines… just sedans, SUVs, and buses. 10/09/2018: NY Limousine Crash FOX News Radio @foxnewsradio: On Saturday, 20 people died in a limousine crash in the country's deadliest transportation-related accident since 2009. @BryanLlenas and Jim Luff, consultant for @LCTMag and former limousine driver, discuss industry safety standards. #FOXNewsRundown 10/04/2018: Operators Hold Down The Duty Of Care Fort At GBTA U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide @US_Sedan: Featured in @LCTMag this month is @US_Sedan's very own Lauren Roberts, Brian Kelley, and Bruce Boillotat (@LimoGame) talking #DutyOfCare at the August #GBTA2018 Convention (@GlobalBTA) #BusinessTravel. "BEST OF" ARTICLE COMMENTS SAMPLER @ LCTMAG.COM TOP COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK/LINKEDIN/TWITTER DECEMBER 2018 6 Social Whirl

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