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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION DECEMBER 2018 37 other reliable sources of work.Most of these trips are awarded through a bidding process. Youtypicallyhave two hours fromthetime the email lands to respond. ese trips involve mov- ing personnel among bases and airports, and to and from training exercise locations.Some bases o•er daily rides to and from the airport. at bus would make maybe four trips a day — an excellent pro•table contract. Here you don't need the newest motorcoachor the one with all the horns and whistles. And what about the contract for thehotel to the processing o-ce? Every week buses are moving new recruits into the processing center.You will need to be approved to do DOD work. is could take some time toaccomplish, butit'sworth it. If you know of something special and seasonal, please share it with us. We love to do follow up articles.For large trade show and convention and sporting events transportation, contact e Convention Store in Millersville, Md. ey hire everyone everywhere. Another great site would,where you'll •nd lists of so many North American Festivals 2018-2019. Maybe there's one right in your ser- vice backyard. Many have around 10 motorcoaches to handle the masses. Overlooked Ideas • What about disaster relief transport? Ifyou'renot on the approved list, youwon'tbe able to get hired for this. But you can still contact local compa- nies that would be approved. Maybe they can send more buses to the relief and youcan comein and handle their local work. inking outside the box is not a bad idea. Somebody must move them. • Holiday shopping can involve many people going every which way. e lo- cal malls and outlets need your help. From Black Friday to maybe one week before Christmas, thousands of shop- pers cross the doors. • What about ski bus trips, corporate retreats, and large groups? Yes, those buses do drive in the snow. Go after that business. ere are plenty of snow areas. Become an expert on ski trips. • Each year, the United Motor Associa- tion (UMA) and the American Bus Association (ABA)have their industry trade shows. ey move around, so •nd the next state to host them. In 2019, UMA will be in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and the ABA will be inLouisville, Ky.Bothassociationsdo many motor- coach movements. Get involved! Military Always Ready e military, their bases, and the Department of Defense (DOD) are en there are always educational tours, especially from groups based in the Midwest and West that šy in students and then need ground transportation for tours and movements. You can keep a bus going for a month or so.Remember, it's not what's happening in your area during you slow season;it'sabout what's happeningelsewhere. Corporate Clients Can Vary Year-round evergreen clients are always preferable, such as for long-distance shuttle work. Always be on the lookout for companies expanding or moving, which can happen any time of year and may be inter-city or state. ey will also need to transport their employees to and from new corporate o-ces. Seasonal companies towards the year end need to hire additional employ- ees, sometimes several hundred. ey normally park them at a remote lot, bus them in, and return themat the end of the day. ink about that:500 employees need to be moved in a short time, maybe two hours. A motorcoach averages about 56 seats. You can shuttle them using four or •ve coaches, turning the bus twice to cover the quantity. en you do it all over again at the end of the day. It's great work during the slow season. Maybe they need a minibus or van to stay there all day in case someone must leave. If so, that company will need to do this year after year. ink about the fall season; somewhere there are balloon festi- vals. Mostly, such events need several buses to shuttle people from a remote parking lot to the lift area. ose shuttles can run from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. TOM HOLDEN is the general manager and director of operations at Rose Chauffeured Transportation in Charlotte, N.C. Next month he transitions full time to his bus consulting business, Bus Advisors. He can be reached at Tom@; (980) 999-8484 The Carolina Balloon Fest, held Oct. 19-21 in Statesville, N.C., is an example of an off-season event that could provide demand for motorcoach operators. Such unique attractions can help •ll in the gaps between busy seasons for coach operations.

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