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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION DECEMBER 2018 31 of the time? Maybe not, but that's our goal. e eciency comes in on how we operate our model. We are in business to make money, but we are not afraid to spend money to achieve that. We will lose money on a trip if that's what it takes to make it go perfectly. We oper- ate a very tight but ecient schedule of vehicle coverage and watch all costs from top to bottom. We explain to our chau•eurs it's in our best interest to have them working and the vehicles rolling full time. We do not have an over excess of vehicles or chau•eurs. at ends up being a continually evolving process, but we relish the challenge." Early Days Hundley has been working since he could walk. He was a child actor, had a side gig buying novelty items and selling them at a higher price to kids in school, and even did the gardening for a few houses in his neighborhood. In 1977, after becoming the youngest as- sistant manager of Hertz Car Rental at Burbank Airport, he started working in movie studios on the other side of the camera as a grip. Wanting to be the master of his own destiny, he looked into doing something that would allow him to own a business. A friend of his owned a laundromat, and Hundley thought it was intriguing and something he could expand to multiple locations. His father was interested in trying something else in addition to the car leasing business he was involved in. Hundley had a business broker show him a laundromat for sale, and it turned out the broker was also selling a limo business. It piqued Hundley's interest. Although he didn't want to buy that existing limo company, he did a lot of research on starting his own. Hundley talked his father into front- ing the money because he was only 19 and could not get commercially insured. His father agreed, and they found a repossessed 32-in. Bradford Coach- works Stretch Lincoln and ocially incorporated on Sept. 28, 1978. It was perfect timing, as stretch limousines really became popular starting in the late 1970s. He was able to secure some major deals for the 1984 Olympics, and business ramped up quickly all through the 1980s. Unfortunately, his father died in 1992, so he did not get to see the business turn around and evolve into a more corporate type model following ing, joined the company. Five years later, she is director of operations. "It's a true joy to have her here as she completely gets it. We can —nish each other's sentences." Hundley also has raised his niece and nephew from pre-teens, who are now both college students on the way to starting their own careers. Will they follow in their siblings' footsteps and join the Limousine Connection team? Family blood runs deep. . . Stand Out Among The Crowded Market When asked about the one thing that sets his company apart, Hundley replies, "We care." Everyone who works at Limousine Connection is genuinely concerned each trip goes as best as possible. "ere are a lot of moving parts that all need to be synchronized. As with —ne dining, while the food is important, the entire experience is what truly matters. We are only as good as our last meal, and I believe that com- parison is what has kept us at the top of our game for so many years," he says. As a business, they must live up to client expectations every day. Just be- cause yesterday went great, that doesn't guarantee a great today or tomorrow. "Is it possible to operate at 100% all questions, which I think only makes the industry better and more welcoming." Hundley's words for other companies looking to achieve such longevity are simple: "It's possible." Having multiple types of clients has helped him along the way. "I don't have one account that's 60%, even 50%, of our total busi- ness. I do go after a certain clientele, but we spread that type of business so when something changes, we're not in a big lurch. I don't put all my eggs in one basket; I spread the risk." Behind Every Great Man For about 18 years, Hundley never had his family involved in the business. Once his children were grown, his wife Tina came to work for the company in the accounting department. "We get along great and there is no drama hav- ing her here," he says proudly. His son John came to work for him for seven years, but left to pursue a passion in computer technology. His daughter Kristin had graduated from UC Berke- ley with a major in political science and was living in South America for years working for the Ministry of Educa- tion in Chile and for a tech start up in Colombia. Eventually she came back to the U.S., and after some parental nudg- 1 2 3 4 5 1. Hundley's many accolades line the walls of his ofce, including one for 2013 LCT Operator Of The Year. 2. Hundley with the company's mini bus. 3. Chris has the distinction of appearing in the rst ever issue of LCT Magazine in April 1983, pictured here with his father, Richard. LCT featured the company in a prole. Chris was the VP and general manager. 4. Hundley and his daughter Kristin always have each other's backs. 5. Mementos from the countless number of events the company has served.

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