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December 2018

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OPERATOR PROFILE Limousine Connection Celebrates 40 Years In The Fast Lane Chris Hundley embraces challenges and uses them to improve his business and himself. By Lexi Tucker, LCT associate editor 3 0 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION DECEMBER 2018 L OS ANGELES — With 40 years of expe- rience in the luxury trans- portation business, Chris Hundley, owner of Limousine Con- nection, has been around to witness and conquer many disruptions. As he'll tell you, he relishes the chance to over- come challenges in whatever form they arise. It doesn't hurt that his wife Tina and daughter Kristin are also both there to help him do so. A solid team, strong communication, and a never-waning desire to "get better, not bitter" is what has helped the company thrive throughout the decades in a competi- tive limo town known for celebrity and entertainment. The Big 4-0 Naturally, many lessons have been learned since Limousine Connection of- ˆcially opened for business on Sept. 28, 1978. "I have always compared my com- pany to a high-end restaurant," Hundley says. "It requires constant attention and high service levels. My goal has always been to run the type of operation that was manageable and that I enjoy. In my experience, once you get to 50 vehicles, it's not as enjoyable. •at is why I have chosen to stay at the 32-38 vehicle size ˜eet and concentrate on those margins." Bigger is not al- ways better; he likes to keep operations lean and e›cient. "I've learned I'm an action junkie. I love the daily pace and the fact every day is diœerent." He says he has no regrets, but the one thing he would do diœerently if he had to start all over would be to ask more questions from people out of the business on how to build and run the best company pos- sible. "While that sounds generic, it was very di›cult when I ˆrst started. I began in the infancy of the industry. •ere weren't other operators to ask, and the few who were there were tight-lipped. I had to ˆgure a lot out on my own. I rel- ish the challenge, but now people have more platforms and opportunities to ask (L to R) Kristin, Tina, and Chris Hundley work together in an open, ef•cient environment.

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