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22 LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION DECEMBER 2018 WWW.LCTMAG.COM GLOBAL /INTERNATIONAL: PEOPLE Neil Davies and Gary Fraser Co-founders, Secure Ground Transportation, London, U.K. Secure Ground Transportation fuses the highest level of luxury chauffeured transportation with the best of driving security. Its roster of clientele includes royal families, British aristocracy, VIPs, foreign dignitaries, and high net worth corporate executives who run companies that are household names. To achieve consistent trust and repeat business from this elite Reza Choudhury Owner and CEO, Reliance Worldwide Logistics Solutions, London, U.K. If the name omits limousine in favor of of logistics, that's because entrepreneur Reza Choudhury considers chauffeured cars a form of it. In the last few years, he's broadened his luxury vehicle service to include an on-demand app and a packaging and content delivery service. "It's not just about moving passen- gers," Choudhury says. "It also has to do with other high-end logisti- cal services." For passengers, Choudhury plans to launch his on-demand/pre- booked HYRYDE app during the first quarter of 2019 under a cus- tomized software operating system designed by Ground Alliance. The emphasis will be on duty of care coupled with data security. "We carried out surveys to learn what our travel managers were looking for in the customer experience and data protection. How are we protecting their data? If a chauffeur leaves, does the data sit on his phone or application? It's been a great eye-opener when receiv- ing this level of feedback. We're focused on time, safety, customer experience, and GDPR compliance. We're also looking to collabo- rate with many companies that travel managers work with, such as hotels, airlines, and GDS systems. We're looking at API integrations to make process seamless across multiple channels." Reliance's integrated parcel delivery system will use the same API for its B2B delivery service, which handles such items as high-end documents and road-show–related investment reports. "We're trying to bring in different product lines to fit into our logistics business. We're becoming more like an open source company for logistics, not just for transportation. We're planting those seeds now to fulfill those areas as we grow in the next few years." Jason Messinger, President, and Sam Emam, head of client relations, BBZ Limousine and Livery Service, Bergen-eld, N.J. Messinger comes from a computer background and has always been interested in technology. Naturally, when he joined the luxury transportation industry, he wanted to leverage tech in every way possible to deliver the highest level of service. Together with Emam's mix of social media and video skills, they are bringing a 21st Century spin to the business. BBZ was originally Messinger's father-in-law's company. "Coming from an entrepreneur back- ground working for small startups, I knew I wanted to own my own business. I asked my father-in-law if I could work at BBZ, but he said no because he didn't want me to turn down my career in technol- ogy. With persistence and annoyance, he let me work on my two week vacation from my technol- ogy job. After those two weeks, he saw a lot of potential, and I was able to spread my wings and dive into the luxury ground transportation indus- try," he explains. Growing up, Emam watched his father go from working at a company to starting his own. He says it's important to always be open to learning new things. "This industry will keep changing, so it's vital we learn to change with it." Messinger's words of advice are to document and track EVERYTHING, because it will help with your operations and performance. When mistakes are made, both agree that sometimes taking a hit is better than losing a client altogether. FUN FACT: Messinger enjoys hanging out with his family, gardening, and cars, while Emam likes playing soccer, making videos, taking pictures, and chilling with his family.

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