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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION DECEMBER 2018 21 out their productivity with forms or emails. Don't require them to go to a networking event and bring back a designated num- ber of business cards, and don't hover. "They aren't making you any money spending hours telling you how they are trying to make you money. Micromanagement is counterproductive and makes your salespeople feel like you don't trust them." She says you should take the role of a teacher, mentor, and coach. "Don't think your way is the best way all the time. Let them grow as individuals. If they grow, we all grow." FUN FACT: She likes spending time with family, friends, and her boyfriend of 10 years, Keith. A self-proclaimed "in-your- face, annoying fan," she loves all things Cleveland sports. She recently got into yoga which she does twice a week, and is a wine aficionado. Matt Shafik Managing partner, Genesis Corporate Transportation, Houston, Texas Shafik believes being genuine and honest is what makes a person cool. When working with others, he believes being yourself can get you far in creating long-lasting, solid relationships. "It certainly makes it easier to foster a real connection," he says. He gives an example of the time he wanted to win more work out of one of his current clients. After speaking with one of his contacts, he was put in touch with their procure- ment department. He filled out an RFP, but soon learned they would require 60 to 80 rides a day. Genesis only runs nine vehicles, so he knew there was no way he could promise a consistent level of service. "There was simply too much that could have gone wrong. I don't want to put my name on something I can't totally guarantee. I explained the situation to them, and as a result we have a great relation- ship built on trust." Rafik Tadrous, Shafik's uncle, owns Genesis, which is in its 28th year of business. Shafik has worked there for eight years, and has always looked up to his uncle. "He cares deeply about everyone, and was running Genesis all by himself. He was working incredibly long hours, but always did it with a smile. Our clients love him and he's always helped everyone in the family, so I wanted to do the same for him." During his time in the industry, Shafik says he's learned there's no substitute for hard work. "Just put your all into it and be proud of the product you put out, and the rest will come. At the end of the day, we are in the service industry — if you keep that at the forefront, you'll succeed." FUN FACT: Growing up playing basketball and football, he's a huge sports fan who enjoys going to Rockets and Texans games. He loves cars and motorcycles, enjoys hanging out with his friends, and when the weather is nice, likes to go to the park or ride his bike. Jason Ramsey President of Prestige Worldwide Transportation and the Colorado Limousine Association (CLA), Denver, Colo. As the world changes, it's up to a new generation to help guide it. This means taking action instead of waiting around for someone else to do something — and that's what makes Ramsey so cool. As president of the CLA, he's always looking to drum up more participation from active members, as well as seek out new blood for the group. "Operators small and large need to get involved in their local industry trade association. The more members we have, the more power we gain," he says. His team player attitude comes across in the way he sees the industry overall. "Experience has taught me no one can do it by themselves — independent operator or 50-vehicle fleet — everyone needs help sometimes. This mentality has allowed me to form bonds and relationships with local and national affiliates and genuinely work well with them. I like getting along with people; I believe in this industry and want everyone to be successful. With the right marketing, a solid business plan, and high service level expectations, we can all have a piece of the pie." If he could give readers one piece of advice, it would be to value your employees. This not only means treating them respectfully, but ensuring they all have the proper training, information, and tools at their disposal as well. "Don't get mad if someone makes a mistake, and always talk prob- lems through. My staff is as comfortable talking with me as I am with them. This open communication allows us to function as a true team and be successful." FUN FACT: He really loves what he does, and often finds himself researching new vehicles, reading articles, and chatting with affiliates for fun. Outside of that, he bought a new home this year and spends his free time working on personalizing it with yard work or home improvement projects. He also enjoys being outdoors, whether it's camping or jet skiing. Nina Parson

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