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6 WWW.LCTMAG.COM DEAR LCT: FEATURED E-MAIL OF THE MONTH Be sure to visit to post your comments and feedback on any of the content items. LCT will publish the best comments on this page. From: Kirk Bagger, owner, Captain's Car Service, Cleveland, Ohio LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION NOVEMBER 2018 What I love most about this industry is also what I hate the most. However, it's a must to stay current and ever-developing: Change. Daily changes can keep us on our toes — from dealing with chauffeur and staff issues to client concerns to the logistics of daily business operations that can be stressful. I recently saw a social post of a colleague where he mentioned he feels like a firefighter because he seems to just go around putting out fires all day long. But with all this change comes good as well. I believe the only way to stay sharp and improve is by constantly evolving and changing. Love them or hate them, the TNCs made us better as an industry by shaking things up and forcing us to improve on our services and educate our customers. We don't just "drive a car." We offer a LUXURY SERVICE, and driving you from point A to B is just a fraction of what we provide to you. Change also spurred automation; not just in sales, but also customer follow up with the help of platforms like MailChimp and reserva- tion/dispatch software systems such as Limo Anywhere. Both seem to update themselves constantly, which makes things challenging. Change makes my life interesting. No two days are the same. I can meet Mr. Joe Businessman one day, and the next meet former Vice President Joe Biden. That's what makes this career great: The everyday challenges of change and learning how to adapt to and overcome those changes on the fly. Follow LCT on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Do you want to sound off straight to an editor? E-mail your thoughts on an industry topic to LCT editor Martin Romjue (; LCT assistant editor Lexi Tucker (; OR LCT contributing editor Jim Luff ( LCT CONNECT — the new-school alternative to a letters-to-the-editor page — is compiled by LCT editor Martin Romjue and LCT social media editor Lexi Tucker ( Visitor comments we "like" on LCT Social Media posts. [09/19/2018] Seattle Operator Leads Company With Integrity Arshed Al Badri: Great article, Lexi. Good job, Edward. Wishing you more success. [09/04/2018] Working The Ins & Outs Of Shuttle Service Renee E Dorsey: Hey, we do those "take the terminated employee home" trips, too. Just not as a contract. Awkward trips, some of them. I have done a few. [09/06/2018] Numbers Driven: How To Do Operations The Right Way john michael: If y'all didn't read this, you missed a mouthful of wisdom, knowledge, and helpful directions. I have printed this to share with others. Love the name for his bus drivers; real vision there! [09/08/2018] Chicago Micromanages Party Buses adam smith: I would encourage anyone who is having these kinds of problems with the party bus business to GET OUT. You are making those that know this business pay for your mistakes. [08/28/2018] Ohio Operator Never Lets Success Hinder Service Pearl Palko: Kirk is an honorable man and limo operator. I met Kirk at a few of the Limo U Bootcamps. [09/05/2018] Mercedes-Benz Starts Building Sprinters At New U.S. Plant Chuck Cotton: My stretch customers love the limo Sprinter once they try it. Corporate travelers like it also because of the ease of entry and exit and legroom compared to sedans. This "piggyback" concept will grow quickly with more Sprinters on the market. The big buses overall will not cash flow and the stretch limo is dead except for a wedding transfer, and they, too, will not cash flow any longer. I've not experienced a Ford Transit limo conversion yet, but the price seems fantastic. An operator must know his breakeven point on each vehicle and rid fixed hourly rates. Custom rates for each run will maximize your cash flow and profitability. [09/11/2018] Suit Claims Uber Saves Huge Sum By Misclassifying Drivers John Litchfield: Bijan I support your action - David & Goliath comes to mind. Just remember to add all the workers' comp $$ they have saved themselves by their misclassification. They are nothing but a giant temporary help staffing service 1099ing their worker force incorrectly. [09/10/2018] Popular, Lower Cost Industry SUVs Go Head To Head Andrew: While the Ford had the better chassis and layout (the independent rear suspension allows the third row to not be a penalty seat), the previous Expedition interior was trimmed too much like the work truck versions of the F150. Now the redesigned version can hold its own with the aging Suburban. I'd go Ford unless there are deep discounts on the Chevy. Now if anyone is first to bring a small efficient diesel... 09/6/18: Olympus Limo Tampa Joins Signature Transportation Sasha Padurjan: This is the only way to survive in this business these days; either merge or run out of business! Fernando Carlison Jr.: Congrats, guys. Linda Gorelick Topel: Congratulations!! 09/01/18: Your Buyers Aren't Rational, and That's Okay. Here's Why… Rick Whitney: Yes, one wrong turn and at $125 an hour all of the sudden clients start becoming irrational LOL 08/31/18: LCT East Prices Rise At Midnight Megan Sheehy-Liriano: We are a new limo company in NJ: Exclusive Car Service LLC. We are registered and excited to attend LCT EAST!! 09/12/18: Why Optimism Drives Business For The Long Haul CrownSourceInc @CrownSource: The more data about your business you can analyze and apply in real time, the more money you'll make. #WednesdayWisdom "BEST OF" ARTICLE COMMENTS SAMPLER @ LCTMAG.COM TOP COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK/LINKEDIN/TWITTER NOVEMBER 2018 6 Social Whirl

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