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November 2018

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NLA MEMBER BENEFIT OF THE MONTH The NLA Board Suppors Local Associations In 2018! With an ever-increasing legislaƟve and regulatory environment for our industry, NLA's associaƟon partners have dockets that are more than full with iniƟaƟves, events, challenges, and potenƟal threats to their livelihood. The NLA Board of Directors has been commiƩed to supporƟng local, state, and regional associaƟons, and worked hard to aƩend associaƟon events in 2018. Below is a list of some of the associaƟons the NLA Board visited this year: • Central Florida Livery AssociaƟon (CFLA) • Colorado Limousine AssociaƟon (CLA) • Greater California Liver AssociaƟon (GCLA) • Illinois Limousine AssociaƟon (ILA) • Limousine AssociaƟon of New Jersey (LANJ) • New England Livery AssociaƟon (NELA) If you would like an NLA Board member to aƩend your associaƟon's next event, contact info@ for more informaƟon. NLA President Gary Buffo attended CFLA's August meeting to present its latest NLA rebate check and to share updates from the NLA. Gold Shield Indy Worldwide LLC Indianapolis, IN Maple Leaf Executive Transportation Sherwood Park, AB, Canada Rick's Sedan Service, LLC Indianapolis, IN - State to State VIP Bronx, NY VIP Transfers (CASTRUM d.o.o.) Vrhnika, Slovenia - NEW NLA Members August 18, 2018 — September 20, 2018 COMPANY LOCATION WEB ADDRESS NaƟonal Purchasing Partners The NLA has partnered with National Purchasing Partners to provide savings on products and services from Best Buy, DocuSign, Expedia, IMPAC Fleet, Staples Advantage, Verizon Wireless, Sherwin Williams, myAutoloan, PetFirst and many more. Some of the most popular offerings include: • Verizon Wireless — corporate and employee discounts up to 22% off • Expedia — 10% off hotel bookings • Staples Advantage — free next-day delivery on most orders over $30 • Actsoft — 10% discount on GPS tracking products To get started with National Purchasing Partners, please visit the Affinity and Discount Programs page on Member login required . Can I pay in 12 equal monthly payments? No. All dues must be paid in full by March 31. New and current members have the opportunity to pay a maximum of 6 monthly payments starƟng in October. If a member chooses to join or renew in November, they can pay in 5 monthly payments, and so on. AŌer you complete your first payment, the rest of your installment payments will be charged on the 1st of each month unƟl the balance has been paid in full. Can I pay in installments using checks? Unfortunately, no. All installment payments must be paid via credit card. Only full dues payments will be accepted via check. What if I join or renew aŌer March 31? All dues must be paid in full aŌer March 31. Can I sƟll join or renew and pay the full amount in one payment? Yes, all members who join or renew will be given the opƟon to pay in full or set up installment payments. I'm a new member, when will I be able to access my benefits? As a new member, you will be able to access all of your benefits aŌer a mandatory 30-day pending period which begins as soon as you join with payment (full or parƟal) as required by the NLA bylaws. This 30-day pending period is required of all new members regardless of billing frequency. Will I appear in the NLA Member Directory? All members in good standing as of June 30 will appear in the print version of the Directory for that year. Can I choose to auto-renew? If you select installment payments, you cannot also do auto-renewal. If you complete your dues payment in one full payment and would like to auto-renew for next year, please contact to set up your auto-renewal. You Can Now Renew Your NLA Membership with Installment Payments! In October, the NLA announced that members would be able to pay dues in installment payments. This applies to new memberships as well as renewals for 2019. Joining, renewing, and paying have never been easier! GOT QUESTIONS? To join or renew your NLA membership, visit! 54

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