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LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION NOVEMBER 2018 31 when done, and can be used as a worthwhile training tool. Samsara allows a company to monitor hours of service in a user-friendly way. e operator can view all drivers in a list, hours of service reports, driver duty status, amount of drive time, shift hours, remaining weekly work cycles, and how much time they will have starting tomorrow. is is a real-time status that counts down for the company making it very simple to keep up with. If a driver is in violation, the system highlights his name in red, alerting the company of a problem. Samsara allows its drivers to conduct a pre/post trip inspection on their phones with the Samsara app. is gives drivers the ability to instantly upload pictures of any damage found. is feature helps with accountability and allows office staff to maintain records of all damage found or if maintenance is needed for vehicles. Like Saucon Technologies, Samsara offers onboard video to its customers. It uses two different styles of cameras, the CM22 and the CM12. e CM22 is a dual facing HD dash camera, and the CM12 is a front facing HD dash camera. Both cameras offer similar features including automatic uploads of incidents to the Samsara cloud storage. ere's also on-demand video of previous drive time for 24 hours on the CM12 and 40 hours on the CM22. Another feature of the Samsara onboard cameras is audio speakers for in-cab alerts. ese help in situations where the company needs to communicate with its drivers who could not be reached any other way. e camera system can also detect a distracted driver or distracted driving. For example, if a driver is holding a cell phone, the system will begin recording and an alert will be automatically sent to the company immediately. is can help prevent accidents and ensure your drivers are more alert and aware of their surroundings. Another important function is the ability to monitor fuel usage and efficiency, and maintenance records. Samsara provides reports and analytics for most engine data, driver behavior, compliance, safety, dispatch, and routing. Being able to monitor these reports not only helps save time and money, but can be used as tools in training and retraining. Overall, both companies provide user friendly products and offer excellent training products for their clients. You should thoroughly research the needs of your operation when picking the best ELD. and is modern and user friendly. It offers GPS, onboard video, electronic logs, sensors, WiFi, and apps. It can have dispatchers view traffic data in real time, and give a driver an alter- nate route to avoid any unnecessary delays or relay drivers. Another feature Samsara offers is the ability for clients to live track their trips. is lessens inbound calls to dispatch and allows the passengers to know when the driver will arrive to the pick-up or drop- off location. Additionally, Samsara went above and beyond just live tracking. is company developed the capability to not only view the real time locations to the second as the vehicle moves, but display it on a satellite map. is depicts the vehicle as if you are watching it drive in real time instead of as a dot moving along a yellow two- dimensional map. Samsara works with a wide variety of industries such as food service, education, government, construction, passenger transit, etc. is being said, it offers limitless capabilities. Samsara can monitor multiple different features such as temperature, emergency light usage, delays, routes, and more. It is compatible with many popular applications in many school districts that simplify parent- school interactions. With Samsara's live tracking abilities, an operator can monitor and view on-time reports. Comparing planned vs. actual arrival times to any traffic delays will help companies better train their drivers in proper trip planning and time management. Automatic alerts will be sent to the company when a stop has been missed or while detecting a late arrival. is system also stores past vehicle trip history, giving an operator or driver the ability to review the trip in detail Onboard intelligent tracking systems can document data for a wide range of motorcoach functions, such as engine status and maintenance, vehicle and driver performance, and driver hours, all while communicating pre-set and customized alerts and notifications in real-time. TOM HOLDEN is the GM/operations manager of Rose Chauffeured Transportation in Charlotte, N.C. He can be reached at

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