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MOTORCOACHES: VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY Driving More Dollars With Data Product Review: Two leading systems provide a constant stream of information that can help operators wring out efficiencies. By Tom Holden, LCT contributing writer T he names sound alike, and so do many of the ad- vantages offered to motorcoach and bus operators. Saucon Technologies and Samsara, the two leading intelligent transportation systems for motorcoaches, use GPS fleet tracking, onboard video, and remote engine diagnostics to create internet and cloud-enabled products that can help your bus or limo fleet run leaner and save you time and money. I recently took a closer look at these systems for a straightforward rundown of their technological attributes and functions. SAUCON Saucon Technologies brings plenty of options to the group transportation industry. It has been in business for 20 years — longer than any similar company. It offers a customizable option for its clients that allows each company to choose its display preferences and report types. With Saucon's asset monitoring feature, each vehicle will update automatically every two minutes, but can be set to update as often as every second. e asset monitoring feature provides various types of information such as: Driver sign on and sign off, unassigned movement, idle start and stop, speeding events, hard stop, and GPS data. Saucon monitors your drivers for you, giving you a "driver performance report" with detailed information including: Run time, miles traveled, idle time score, GPS speeding score, posted speeding score, hard stop score, HOS violations score, and an overall score. is report also includes a line graph with a year's worth of data. In this report, you can alter the dates to a more specific range, or even a more specific employee group. Another way Saucon aids in tracking your fleet is by providing a report for all you need. It works alongside the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure you stay updated with all the regulations. Saucon provides reports that help monitor your drivers' use or personal conveyance and adverse conditions so you can ensure your drivers stay within the mandated regulations set. ey also provide reports such as driver signature, which enables you to make sure your drivers are signing their logs daily. Other reports include: Driver approval report, driver edits, driver violations, driver HOS hours, bulk driver report, and many more. ese reports provide information such as when a driver manually edits his log, has approved an administrative edit, and entered his hours of service. You can pull a full PDF file providing a detailed report for the driver's previous day driven. Saucon can issue an alert any time a driver reaches maximum hours of service; drives above a posted speed limit; stops hard; idles excessively; or any other risky behaviors. is alert can be sent immediately or once daily, but the customer sets the parameters. e alerts can be sent to multiple employees. For example, if a driver is approaching his work hours for the day, a company can set an email alert for all dispatchers. is will keep the company ahead of the game, and the dispatcher can begin formulating a plan to arrange an alternate driver if needed. Saucon Technologies is not only a leading system for Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs); it also provides onboard video monitoring as well. One attribute that sets Saucon apart from other companies is the number of cameras it offers for one vehicle. It can handle up to 14 cameras on one bus. Cameras dramatically increase your range of view, allowing the company to protect not only their assets and drivers, but the customers as well. Saucon also provides a two-camera system in SUVs and sedans. Real time video monitoring can be a huge aid if your vehicle is involved in an incident or accident out of state. e ability to know what happens when you are unable to be with your driver can help paint a more accurate picture for your company. Automatic alerts/notifications can also be set up to record systematically with ones previously set. For example, a video clip can be recorded for a speeding alert, a hard stop, and even excessive idling. Saucon has announced it will be unveiling a new super HD camera system at the LCT-NLA East Show, Nov. 4-6. Make sure to stop by their booth. SAMSARA Samsara for Transportation is another leading company that provides multiple options for operators. Fast-growing Samsara entered the passenger carrying industry about two years ago 30 WWW.LCTMAG.COM LUXURY COACH & TRANSPORTATION NOVEMBER 2018

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